Monday, March 17, 2014

Almost Forgot to Wear Green Today

Really. The hubbin had to remind me. I was all dressed and he looked at me and said, "Where's your green?" Sheesh. Amateur.

I guess it has been weird not having our leprechaun around giving us puzzles and keeping us on our toes for St. Patty's Day. But we dutifully made our wishes and put our gold in the pot. And it wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without coins on our foreheads.

We added the game of trying to squinch up your forehead and get your coin to drop in the pot. I made mine, and most of the girls got their's in, at least by the second try. Or if they got really close.

And low and behold, in the morning, our gold was gone and we had a gift from our old friend Seamus.

Turns out he followed us after all. He explains in his note why he was neglecting the usual fanfare.

Me dear lassies,

What a ride we have been on this past year. Why'd ye have to go and move on me like that? A leprechaun finds a home and there isn't much to be making him move. However, a steady supply of gold is one of those wee things that tempts a man such as meself. I had to be followin' ye.

I'd be apologizin' for the lack of puzzles this year. There are strict rules about treadin' on the territory of another leprechaun. I could be banished if I stole someone's home, so I've been hiding, waiting to see if another leprechaun already had his abode in this here house. The only way ye can tell, is if he comes to get yer gold.

I couldn't do anything until this day o'green. And what a fabulous day it tis. Turns out, there be no other leprechauns here, and I can be havin' this gold fer meself. I left ye a treat as required. But don't be thinkin' you'll get it this easy next year. Now that Seamus is back, you know what'll be comin'.

I'm not a sentimental ole fool yet, but I'm glad to still be keepin' company with yer family. Yer a right smart group of lassies. Thanks fer rememberin' me gold.

We sure love our leprechaun and I'm glad he's stickin' around for a while. He was a brave soul to follow us, especially if he joined us at the cat pee rental. Here he should have plenty of space to spread out, or whatever a leprechaun does. Happy trails Seamus.

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meganmushrat said...

I wonder if it is coincidence that your leprechaun has the same name as the one in the stories? Maybe Seamus is just a very popular name for leprechauns! Glad he's back where he belongs.