Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This Girl is Golden

Ah...the Golden Birthday. Many of you have no idea what that is. If you don't, google it. This post is already going to be long enough without the extra rhetoric.

Pearl had her fabulous golden birthday. Made more special by the fact that she got hers first before any of her sisters. I wanted it to be special. At the same time, I was planning baptism stuff until two days before, so my mind was elsewhere. Needless to say there was one day with quite a bit of scrambling that wouldn't have worked if my wonderful mother hadn't been home to hold down the fort and frankly, Pearl. It is hard to plan a surprise for someone who is always with you.

The night before the big day, we got everything ready. I made a gold tutu and Tyler tried it on to make sure it would fit right.

The table was all set for the morning- golden style.

Streamers hung from the ceiling and above Pearl's bed.

And the presents were wrapped and awaiting the birthday girl.

Pearl was so cute when she got up. Crown went on right away and stayed there most of the day. (She was made for royalty.) I did not make breakfast because she requested pancakes for dinner.

But I did get cereal that fit the occasion.

The day probably wasn't too exciting for the birthday girl. She got some quality time with Grandma and then we went to get Balloons. They didn't have a '4' in gold, so Pearl chose purple. (Yes, that is a '4'. It sure looks bizarre.)

I put together Pearl's "cake". She was watching everything very intently. I should mention that she wore the tutu most of the day as well. And it sprinkled glitter on EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE. Thank you gold glitter tulle.

She danced for me in her cute outfit.

Then I took a picture of the cake close up.

But someone wanted in on the action.

We knocked over one cupcake, but Pearl was happy to hide the evidence.

One of the things I wanted to get for her golden birthday was a random object that I could spray paint gold. I thought of hitting a thrift store and finding some random object, but at Hobby Lobby, in the clearance section, I found a black '4' for 39 cents. Steal of a deal. And it looks much better gold.

June spent some time playing with Pearl. Then she used the matching pieces to create a message. I had to come take pictures off and on all afternoon. (I try to humor them if they ask. See if you can read the message?)

Sadly, June forgot to make the last word.....girl. But you get the idea. My favorite was when she wrote birthday, it was a longer word so she said she had to make it in a different font. :)

For dinner, sparkling cider. Pearl is digging her own little bottle.

I love sweet sister hugs.

And these two make me laugh. They are both sitting on their feet taking a swig. Matchy, matchy.

Next, time for the candles. Pearl was good at taking big breaths.

And getting one candle at a time.

Finally, time for presents. Pearl was so patient to wait ALL day. Dad came home for lunch and she asked if she could open presents. But I told her everyone had to be there. Then the girls came home, and she asked if she could open presents. But I told her Dad had to be there. She gave this great sigh and said, "What?? He was just here." Poor thing.

She was so funny. She would open something and immediately set it down and reach for the next present. It was like some competition to see how fast she could open everything.

The only gift she really paused at was the pink and purple cheetah. She just had to cuddle it. Robyn (who gave her the gift) yelled, "I win!!"

Mom and Dad gave Pearl her gift early in the morning. In fact, she woke up to someone watching her. (Creepy kind of, but she doesn't seem to mind.) Gotta love the cutout of larger-than-life friends, which Tyler wishes to note was his idea.

Pearl had a great golden birthday, and since she won't remember it, we had to document it well. But I think her sisters will remember it. And the never ending glitter around the house should be a reminder to us all for a while.


Janelle said...

I love golden birthdays! I had my double-gold last year. Is that even a thing? 33 on the 3rd. :)

meganmushrat said...

I am so glad I was there to help celebrate (and just help in general). And I am doubly glad that her golden picture doesn't have any pictures of ME in it. I just don't photograph well. I have been explaining golden birthdays to lots and lots of people - so the word is getting out.

Wright Family said...

Love all the little things you did. Laide saw the pictures and was sad to not be able to play with her friend anymore. Where did you get the life size Frozen sisters or print them? Laide saw that and has informed she would like that in her house.