Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Battle of the Books

I have mentioned 'Battle of the Books' before. I was happy to go volunteer again this year. The kids do a great job, and I always come away with some good book suggestions. (I currently need to read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. Many kids raved about that one.)

Robyn's team didn't do as well this year. I don't think they won any battles. But I am proud of her for competing. I think it is just as important for kids to learn how to lose well, as it is for them to win some of the time. Plus, I may have bribed her. (But I bribed her with a new book, so really....win/win.)

Once again I was not able to help out at June's school. But this year they were able to do more battles because the gym was finished. June's team made it to the finals. (Yay!) I sadly failed to find out the time of the final battle, and I missed it by a few minutes. (One more point towards 'Mom of the Year') But I did get a picture of June's team after the fact. By the way....they won.

Tamma, Sarah, Holly, Hannah, June

I'm proud of them. They have done a lot of reading. In fact, June is still reading more of the books since her team is still competing. I hope 'The Bookworms' do well at the next level.

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meganmushrat said...

There is nothing like a book to keep you company, cheer you up, and keep you occupied. I do love reading, and reading, and reading . . .