Sunday, March 23, 2014

Proud of Myself

Yep. Blogged all week, thank you very much. It's about time I got into a groove. New goal: Blog every other day this week. (I know myself. If I don't set a new goal, I will just take a siesta that can last for an indeterminate amount of time.)

Also proud of myself for accomplishing a sewing project. I was looking for dresses for Daisy. Have you heard my dress rant before? I feel like I talk about it all the time, but maybe I haven't been whining on here. (I mean whining about THAT. I know I whine about other things.) Here is the sitch: It is REALLY hard to find cute modest dresses for girls. They are never long enough. And if I get it in a bigger size, so it is longer, then it doesn't really fit my skinny girls. There are some longer dresses, but they are almost always sleeveless. Why? I ask you. Why?? Finally, if you can find a dress with sleeves, and it is the proper length, chances are it is going to be uber expensive. Grrr.

I took Daisy to six (SIX!!!) stores and didn't find anything worth buying. I was so frustrated. So frustrated that the non-sewing me decided that I'd better get my act in gear and think about sewing again. I should say that the non-sewing side of me is very strong. I will usually find a way around using the sewing machine. But my momentum took me to the store and I purchased patterns and fabric. (That is half the battle. Okay, not really. Sewing is pretty much the whole battle.) I lost a little ground when I came home, but it only took me a week to put a skirt together. (Total project hours....about 3. Yes, that is phenomenal for me.) And I did get some patterns for dresses, but I am so nervous that I will mess them up royally. I figured a skirt was a better place to start.

It looked so funny as I put it together. Before I added elastic, it could fit me. So I took a picture. (I am wearing it inside out.)

I will freely admit that it looks much better on Daisy. She is such a cutie. And it fits her really well. Score one for me.

In the meantime, I have lost a bit of momentum. I found a cute dress at Costco for under $20, (Thank you Costco) so I can probably put off the sewing for a bit longer. But I do have a tad more confidence in myself. I can sew. I can sew. (I'll just keep chanting it to myself.)

Found some other pictures on my phone near the skirt one that need to go on the blog. I got a picture of my mom while she was here. I always love a three generations picture. I'm excited for when she visits again. (We can't wait for another fairy story.)

Lastly, my cereal sent me a message the other morning. I figure....when the cereal speaks, you should listen. And bear record.

Peace out everyone.

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meganmushrat said...

Haven't been reading blogs lately, so I'm catching up. I really like the three-generation picture - especially because I can tell that I have lost weight. Yahoo!