Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pure and Clean

Ivory took that big step this weekend and was baptized. It is a wonderful thing to be a mother and participate in a small way in a life changing event. It was a great day.

We had lots of family come down from Idaho and my mother was able to come from Washington. I tried to get some pictures before we left. Ivory's dress was ready to go.

The primary gave her a special embroidered towel.

It was nice to have extra space in the house for our guests. It made me laugh that we somehow divided genders. We had the women in one room.

And the men in another. (Where is JR? The men are looking scarce.)

Then we were headed over to the church. Ivory and Tyler went over early and got ready. My favorite picture is always daughter and dad in white.

It was great to have a room full of family and friends. Ivory was shining.

She asked Jami and Kaysen to give talks at her baptism. Jami gave an amazing talk comparing the building of Nephi's ship to the step of baptism. And Kaysen followed with an excellent talk showing all the different ways the Holy Ghost helps us. Thanks you two!

Afterward, I grabbed pictures of most of the attendees. (Not all the pictures turned out. There were some closed eyes and funny faces, so you can see the majority.)

I know Grandpa is blurred, but Grandma looks so cute.

Kathryn, I almost caught Kolby with a genuine smile. Almost.

It was very special that Ivory's first grade teacher came to see her.

Then home for refreshments. That is a given right?

I got all my older girls together. They are a great example to the younger kids. They are growing into beautiful young ladies. And what can I say about the photo bomber? He is what he is. We wouldn't change him.

 It was a lovely day. Ivory, we are very proud of you!!

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meganmushrat said...

I'm so glad I was able to be there. Hope I can make it to the other two baptisms as well!