Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Clear Creek Experience

Remember how I promised to develop June's film and put pictures on here? Well, today is the day. Don't mind that I am a year late. June kept her disposable camera in her room for a very long time, and when I finally retrieved it, I had a hard time finding a place to develop real film. I went to two places that basically turned me away. When I heard that Macey's still does one-hour film development, I knew that I would take it there, but it was so close to Robyn going to camp, it seemed better to wait and do two rolls. (Sure like killing two birds at once.)

Travel with me back into the past. Exactly one year and two weeks ago. I sent June off to Clear Creek. This was our first experience with the program since I didn't grow up around here. I usually don't post pictures twice, but here is June on Monday morning with her friends getting ready to have a fantastic week. (June, Mackenzie, and Hannah.)

And she did have a good week. It just wasn't as long as she had hoped for. It was so fun to develop June's roll of film, because it proved that she went to Clear Creek. Of course I knew she was there, but the pictures that came back through email didn't have photos of her, so it was nice to see her doing the camp thing. Here is her bunk.

And June in her bunk.

This is the only camp picture where you can find June. And you can barely find her.

June was in Pot Gut Hut. I think Pine Tree Inn (the other cabin for girls) fills quickly because it has a more pleasant ring to it, but Pot Gut Hut is the place to be.

Speaking of pot guts, June caught one. He was a fat little guy who almost escaped from her critter catcher. I adore this picture. You know how some pictures make you smile every time you see them...

This was the last picture taken of June at camp. She was brave to take a few steps into the stream because by then she was already feeling pretty yucky. It was that evening that they called me to tell me to come get her in the morning.

You can't plan for illness. Things like that happen. I'm glad she got to go for three days. I think it was worth it. I have great memories of camps that I went to.

Robyn's journey to Clear Creek started off in much the same way. Early morning and friends by her side. (Robyn, Izzy, and Mo-Mo.)

She had never used a disposable camera before, so I made her take a practice shot.

They gathered all the kids together and took a few shots before getting on the bus. can see her green shirt since she is mostly behind that lady in white.

I think they are getting better every year about taking pictures. They made sure to take pictures of all the groups and then send home images every night. (I believe they only started this last year.) It is great for parents to feel connected while the kids are gone. Here is Robyn in the white group.

Tuesday they did some plant identification. Stinging Nettle was not on the list, but Robyn told me that they identified it later...several times.

Evening campfire is always a great time. Even I remember many of the camp songs. (They don't seem to change much over the years.)

Robyn took this interesting photo. Look closely, can you see what is in those trees?

Shoes! They were shoe trees. I wonder how many parents were not happy to hear their child donated to that tree??

Lunch time on one of the days. Or maybe it is dinner? Who can tell.

Robyn was in Pot Gut Hut as well. She and Jenna were in the same group. It was nice for her to always have a friend nearby, but she made many new ones.

Here is the whole cabin.

 And the whole group that week. Robyn said they lined up by height. She was happy that she wasn't the smallest one there. There was ONE boy shorter. (Poor guy.)

What a fun group of kids!

I was waiting for Robyn when she got off the bus. I think she was ready to be home even though she had a blast.

She was still all smiles.

Bye Jenna. See you at church in two days. (Jenna is actually almost a year older than Robyn. She'll get to go to Girls' Camp with June this year.)

Robyn's sisters were excited to have her back. They drew some welcome home messages. June made this one. You probably can't see it, but inside the 'Y' it says, Full Time Clear Creek Camper. (Sorry June...really, three days was better than none. I know some kids whose week was canceled due to wild fires. They didn't get to go at all.)

With all those sisters, who do you think Robyn was most excited to see??

Moxy of course. Moxy sure missed Robyn too. She sleeps with Robyn each night and it was kind of sad to see Moxy looking around wondering where Robyn was each evening. I'm glad they are back together.

I think Clear Creek is amazing. They do so much with those kids. Hikes, skits, tours of historical sites, videos, ropes course, volleyball, tons of educational stuff. They do crafts, test water, identify plants, catch critters, eat three meals a day, shower, and spend several nights away from home. It is just what these kids need.

They send a fun slide show at the end of the week. Robyn was in one of the video portions, so that was fun. You see her swing across an area on a rope. Since most of the slide show is still photos, it was fun to see that. I hope all my kids can go to Clear Creek. I think they run an amazing program and work really hard.

p.s. Robyn did catch a pot gut while she was there. It took her a few tries moving her trap around, but she got one on Wednesday. Good job!

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meganmushrat said...

I am glad the kids are having good camp experiences. The times I went I didn't enjoy it that much - but then I really didn't have many friends either. Your kids are much more social than I was. By the way - what is a pot gut?