Monday, November 9, 2015

Dressed to Kill

I love taking individual pictures of the kids in costume and putting them on the blog. The kids will go back through the blog books and see what they have dressed as in previous years. They are some of my favorite pictures.

However, sometimes they aren't the best pictures. I usually get some photos before kids leave for school. Or I try and take some pictures before Trick-or-Treating. But that means early morning or just before dusk. Not ideal lighting. I have always wanted to take the kids out for a Halloween Photo shoot. This year, Halloween was on Saturday. That did mean dressing up twice. Once on Friday for all the school festivities and then again on Saturday, but I didn't even care about having to paint faces multiple times because it meant I could have my photo shoot in the afternoon. (It was almost too sunny.)

I loved our photo shoot. I hope you enjoy everyone in costume.

Ivory insisted that I add 'beautiful' to her title. She is stunning in her black and white elegance, but I would use the word 'chilling.'

Daisy lost her cape and mask at school the day before. June made her a new one with face paint, and I think she is still adorable. (I mean, super looking.)

I think I had the most fun with Robyn's costume. The scales were fun to apply. Check out her gills in the second photo. I think she makes a majestic mermaid.

My June bug opted to be a different bug. (Mom, I think she could pass for her fairy, don't you??)

Don't forget my littlest spook. Not so spooky as a cute little insect.

Tyler and I got into the spirit this year. He had some trouble keeping me in check though. Catch me if you can!

It seems that I enjoy the chase and don't mind being caught by this guy.

We had to get a picture with our winged costumes. Three out of seven is the closest we have ever gotten to a family group costume. Maybe one of these years....

We are such an eclectic group. So many fun personalities in this family.

But we all seem to fit right in.

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meganmushrat said...

I am reminded of the time I decided to be a scarecrow for Halloween. Grandma put a broomstick pole through my clothes so my arms would hang off the ends of them. The only problem was - it was very hard to hold a trick-or-treat bag, and almost impossible to pick up anything. Looks like all your kids picked fairly mobile costumes.