Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bandannas R Us

Every once in a while you need an excuse to get out the bandannas. We actually have a whole collection we've saved up throughout the years. They come in useful for many things...blindfolds, costumes, wraps for sprains. We soak them to keep cool on hikes or wear them over our mouths to keep out dust. Sometimes they are just for decoration. Truly a useful item of clothing.

June chose them for the common purpose of blindfolds. It was her night to teach the lesson for FHE and she rigged up a course much like the one we did with the Houck's two years ago. Her rope course wasn't as intricate considering she only had two trees to go around, but the activity was still fun.

We started indoors putting on our bandannas. Everyone was slightly disoriented.

We went outside and she took us one at a time to the beginning of the rope. My turn was quiet. Even the littles were hushed during the whole activity. After finding the end of the rope, I was taken over to be with my family. Even though I couldn't see, it was still comforting to find them.

June made sure to say, "Welcome home sister," as each person returned, because that was her favorite part of the activity when they did it at girls' camp.

Once inside, our home teachers came over for dessert and games. They were kind enough to take a picture of our whole group. (Ooh, it is almost like a Sunday selfie. Although technically, it was a Monday selfie.)

Moxy was very happy to get out of her bandanna. Not really her thing. Plus, she still had to contend with Pearl. Pearl loves the stuffing out of that dog.

The rest of the evening was less spiritual with a roaring game of Caveman Telephone. That game is never boring. And the other highlight of the day was Ivory getting her expander off. She actually missed it at first, but I think she has gotten used to the extra room in her mouth again. The braces will still be on for a while longer.

Family Home Evening is always a great night. Probably because I have such a fantastic family.

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meganmushrat said...

We have actually started doing Family Home Evening again - and guess who is the person who insisted we start doing it - Tim! He gave the lesson last night and it was a really good one. I think Pathways is doing him a world of good. Unfortunately Miranda was feeling so ill that we skipped the activity (it was her turn to pick). Our Family Home Evenings are a lot less energetic than yours!