Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Rest of Fall Break

Despite our original plans falling through, Fall Break was really fun. Tyler and I got to spend a lot of time with the kids and each other.

Some things we did:


I wanted to make sure we did something fun for the kids and since we have a membership, the museum is always a good option. Plus, the kids never seem to get bored. They had a blast and I sat and read for almost two hours. (I will probably play with them next time...I was just in a good book.) Naturally I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I did catch one of Robyn in Water Works. They had quite the geyser going and both she and June left soaked.

Gotta love these five monkeys.




June will look for any excuse to paint faces. With Halloween coming up, the paint had been out more anyway. We had a lot of fun doing different, silly, creative designs.

I did Ivory's face.

June did mine. Thank you for the shark on my mouth.

Scariest thing I've seen in a long time. The shark is frightening as well.

Speaking of scary, Robyn looks like a sinister villain to me. She could give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money.

Robyn did June's face. Gotta love face paint.


We also experienced some car troubles during Fall Break. Tyler and I were coming back from running errands. I stopped to get gas and the car never started again. Turns out the battery just up and died. We called a tow and I walked home to get our other car to pick up Tyler. It was a nice 2 mile walk, even if it was unplanned.


Tyler and I went to see our one movie for the year. (Well, realistically, we go out to the theater more like twice a year.) We went to see the new Mission Impossible movie. I'm so proud of myself. I have gone to enough of these that I didn't fall for the bait when they tried to get the audience to think in one direction. I leaned over to Tyler and told him exactly what was going to happen. And I was right. Granted...I didn't guess everything, but it was a fun movie. The bad guy's voice was weird, but made him even more creepy. I like a good bad buy. (Meaning he is good at being bad, not a good guy whose is labeled bad like Wreck it Ralph.)

That about wraps up the festivities of Fall Break. In retrospect I'm glad we stayed home, although I wish it didn't come about from Grandma getting hurt.

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meganmushrat said...

Lovely face painting. My favorite was the octopus on Ivory - but then I've always had a 'thing' for octopi. They can be so cute, but scary too. Glad you had a fun fall break.