Monday, February 8, 2016


It is fun that these themes are open to interpretation, but at the same time it almost gives me too much room. I'm not sure where to start or stop.

Like this week the theme was barriers. I thought about taking a picture of Robyn's grumpy face because that is always a barrier to my talking to her. I usually have to break through and make her smile before we can have a real conversation.

I decided against that and went with a more traditional barrier. My first thought was fence or wall. It had just snowed a very light and fluffy snow that morning and the snow looked so cool on my neighbors retaining wall. The snow had gotten heavy enough that it was starting to lean over, but it was light enough to cling to other pieces and not quite fall.

Then I saw all the icicles on my house and thought it made a cool barrier type effect. I would love to build an ice castle with an icicle bar prison. Actually, I would love to go see the ice castles in Midway, but I don't know enough about them. I think it is time to do some research.

But my final shot ended up being my favorite. You may not know that the entire neighborhood used to use our yard as a short cut. I was always seeing people walking through the backyard. I knew most of them, so it wasn't super weird, but Tyler was finally tired of it. He wanted his property (justifiably) to himself. So he put up no trespassing signs.

Amazingly, they have mostly done the trick. We have three signs up and with the closed gates on the sides of the house, most people have stopped coming through. In the back, there is no door. I imagine an invisible barrier there with the sign telling people to stay away. But even better in this shot, my attack dog is waiting to chew up anyone who ignores the sign. Who would want to mess with her?

The only trespassers we see in the back yard now are the neighbors dogs. Clearly they can't read.

Next week: Outdoor Hot/Cold

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meganmushrat said...

I am so glad you have such fun with your camera. Making pictures is cool - isn't it. I do it with glowbies.