Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Grandma, the Temple, and the Aftermath

I am sorry if you have already read the spoilers in the last post. This won't be very exciting news, any of it. But I do have pictures, and I feel I can entice almost any audience with a few good photos.

Let's start with the temple. The Provo City Center Temple Open House is currently going on. There has been such a huge response that tickets are hard to find. Luckily, procrastination worked in my favor this time, and I joined up on the second distribution of tickets and got an early time in January. We invited Grandma to come down and join us.

It was a very smooth experience. It was rather chilly, but we hardly waited in any lines and seemed to sail through. Some people said they felt the experience was rushed, but I didn't feel that way. Then again, with five children, we don't stay still for long.

It was great to talk with the children about all the blessings that come from having temples so close. We have been so lucky in these last few years to go through multiple temples. And Robyn will be able to do baptisms for the dead in just a few short months. Maybe this summer I will try to take the older girls to several of the temples in the valley.

We got to see the movie this time around. (We missed the one at the Payson temple.) Tyler snapped a picture as we were waiting.

As usual, you are only allowed to take pictures outside the temple. There is a lovely gazebo area on the grounds that I believe will be used for non-member families when there are weddings. Inside was a lovely Christus statue. A sister missionary took a picture for us.

Then we took a couple outside, but we didn't wait for a shot by the fountain because we were hurrying home to get ready for music night. (Sorry that is another post. Don't you love when I say that?)

Having Grandma even for a short amount of time was wonderful. Pip seemed to enjoy our company even when Tyler shoved her up Robyn's shirt. Can you see her little face? (Not Moxy in the background.)

The sad news was that not even a week later, Vicki slipped while shoveling snow and managed to hit her head again and break her wrist.

Her head injury gave her a black eye and I'm sure no small headache.

The wrist, after some examination, was put in a cast and will be there for 6-8 weeks.

Poor Grandma. The girls and I wrote her cards right away and then haven't sent them yet. We really struggle with that last step.

I even made a hidden picture find for her. These are the girls favorite, so I hope she enjoys it. There are over 50 things to find. No list this time. Just see what you see.

But speaking of that, I'm going to put everything in an envelope and go take it to be mailed right now.

See you later...

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meganmushrat said...

What a beautiful temple! I'm really glad you got pictures in front of it, and so glad Vicki could join you (although it's the pits that she fell and got injured again). When it comes to make those 'look-for-the-object" sheets, you're amazing!