Monday, February 29, 2016

Dominant Depth of Field Blur

Today is February 29th, that day that only comes once every four years. It is especially sweet to me because it means that tomorrow will not be February any more.

In our never ending battle, February won by a landslide this year. Pearl got sick early on in February and missed a week of school. She had a yucky cold and I decided that we wouldn't share germs.

She had a week of reprieve and then was out for another week, but this time with the flu. It really zapped her strength and gave her a high fever for several days running.

A couple of the other kids got mild fevers but it didn't seem to affect them much.

Saturday was a good day. It seemed like everyone was on the mend. Then Pearl spends the night with serious diarrhea and a good doze of  vomiting. She missed going to church...again!

She went to school today and seems to be doing well, but I wouldn't put it past February to try to throw in some last trick. Or maybe it will be too exhausted trying to come up with this extra day. Let's hope. I've about had it with illness.

I did get my picture taken for the week. The theme was Dominant Depth of Field Blur. Remember...that just means a picture with something in the middle being in focus and the foreground and background being blurred.

So I took a picture of my old nemesis. Why not? Can't say it has been fun. But I'm sure I'll see you next year. Toodaloo.

Next week: B&W - ENTROPY

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meganmushrat said...

I hadn't realized how much you disliked February. I guess you're lucky it's the shortest month of the year. Let's hope Pearl stays well for your spring vacation!