Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Love

I have lots of loves. Obviously, all my family fits into that category, including my extended family. I love sleeping, reading, and having a clean home. I love eating, crosstitching, and playing games. I love volleyball, four square, and racquetball. I love sunny days, rainy afternoons, and holidays. I love decorating, cooking, and blogging. Truly this was not an easy category.

But the one love that is mine...that I chose forever...is Tyler.

Interesting choice, I know. But I am kinda partial to him.

I could have taken a traditional portrait, but I have many of those. Instead, I thought I would capture my love, with one of his loves.

Obviously, Tyler's favorite thing to do is spend time with me. But close behind would be time on the computer. He often has a game he is enjoying. I think he is playing ARK: Survival Evolved in this photo.

It is good to have hobbies and a way to unwind, so I don't begrudge him computer time. I do wish he would sleep more, but maybe he doesn't love sleep the same way I do.

Next week: DOMINANT DEPTH OF FIELD BLUR. That is fancy talk for a photo where something in the middle is in focus, but the foreground and background are blurry.

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meganmushrat said...

I still think chocolate would have been appropriate - at least for me! (Not that I don't love Dad, but he doesn't taste as good).