Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Intentions for Less Intentions

You might have noticed that I haven't discussed any kind of New Year's resolutions. (If you haven't noticed, or cared, that is alright.) I stopped making resolutions, per se, a while back, but I believe good intentions are going out the window this year as well.

Tyler has never really been on board. The New Year's goal train has been almost entirely in my camp. Each year, it seems harder for the train to make its journey and this year, due to irreparable damage, it couldn't even leave the station.

Tyler had a better idea though. He said we should look back at the last year and find some accomplishments we had or made. We could still celebrate our efforts and successes. Which makes sense, since many of the things I feel good about aren't on my goal list in the first place. Some are picked up mid-year, or even at the very end.

My mindset is quickly shifting in that direction, especially since I believe I have a whole bunch of FAILS for last year. Let's take a quick look.

Here were my intentions:


Stock Something Emergency Preparedness each month - FAIL. I think I stocked a couple items, but I was never quite sure what to put in there. Luckily, Tyler and I made a list this last month and I will be adding some items onto my shopping, so there is still hope for this one.

Voice-record receipts to track spenditures - PASS/FAIL. Like many things, I started off very well with this one. In fact, I did it most of the year. Somewhere around Thanksgiving, it completely left my mind to voice record information. That was very unhelpful since I usually buy quite a bit around the holidays. (Sorry Tyler.) I am trying to record again. It is still useful in the long run.

Finish spider crosstitch – On Sunday afternoons - FAIL. BUT, the reason I didn't finish it, was because I was working on a different piece of stitching. I'm not sure if any of you remember that I did three pieces for a friend's kids. Well, when she had a fourth child, she wanted another one. The only problem was that there were only three patterns in the book. But, serendipitously, I found the perfect pattern online and finished the project. (Her little girl is only seven. Hee hee.)

Read 50% of the Ensign each month - FAIL. I read the Ensign for the first month or so, but never was consistent. However, I have been very good about rereading all the conference addresses, and I like those more anyway.

Don't touch the phone while driving - TOTAL FAIL. Hmmm, how do I put this without getting into trouble? So...I watched this commercial about texting and driving and I vowed I would never text again in the car. I even told the kids that if they caught me texting, I would owe $25 to them. (That will be the same rule when they are driving. I DO NOT want them touching their phones.) 

That said, I still touch my phone often. I turn on music, I turn off alarms, I answer the phone. I even voice text to Tyler sometimes...when the kids are not present. 

Ironically, I went looking for the commercial and couldn't find it. But there is plenty out there to remind me that it isn't worth it. I should not touch my phone at all if possible. I do sometimes pull over if I really need to send a text, but I am not as good about that as I should be. I sure don't want to be a statistic, so this is an endeavor that I will continue to work on. that I am on that sour note, I'm not really in the mood to sing my praises of last year. Just know that I did okay. I'm happy with my accomplishments, one of which is continuing to blog another year. 

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meganmushrat said...

When our new employee, Emebet, asked me if I had made any New Year's resolutions, I told her I had only made one - not to make any resolutions! She thought that was very funny, but in the past I've discovered that making grandious resolutions only results in feeling crummy later when you don't keep them. I like the idea of looking back and seeing what you did accomplish the previous year.