Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is always a big deal around here. Long ago I stopped reading the books with the kids. I expect that they will do what they need to in order to participate and contribute to their team.

Robyn and Ivory were both captains again. I volunteered every day there was a battle and ended up being with both kids for one battle. (They try not to have the moms with their own kids.)

Robyn I saw on Pool Play day, when they are battling simply for points. Her team did very well. They were called the Fierce Flames, and their poster was one of the top five in the school. I love how they cut the top in the shape of fire.

They did very well on bracket day as well. They made it to the semi finals, only to lose by one question. I hear it was a very emotional loss. But losing is a part of life that we forget is important.

I went to watch the finals even though Robyn wasn't up there. It was actually much more stress free to cheer for the teams when I wasn't invested in one. And in retrospect, it was just as well. Robyn was sick that day and I brought her along to watch from the back. She was whispering answers to me as we watched.

Ivory did well also. Here she is by her cute poster. I like their swirly nerd glasses.

Sadly, I was the officiator in the battle Ivory lost. She made it to the quarter finals, but missed the first question and lost her composure a bit. I'm not sure if others could tell, but I could hear the little quaver in her voice when she knew there wasn't a chance to catch back up to the other team. I was still so proud of her. And once again, I think losing is a good thing. You have to learn to be a good loser.

Ivory was basically carrying her team. She read all the books and although there were occasional whispers from her teammates, you could tell she answered the majority by herself. Next year I just hope she has someone who is as motivated as she is.

June also competed in Battle of the Books at Jr. High, but for some reason, her school does not opt to follow America's Battle of the Books style. Instead of 30 books, they only had 7. And instead of questions about specific books, they had questions about details IN the books. They didn't battle in a bracket. They just sat at tables and everyone answered simultaneously with a white board.

Her team still did well and they came in third overall. Good job June! Also, she found some books that she loved and devoured some new series. That was probably the best prize of all for her.

That wraps up the Battling for this year. Next year Daisy joins the battlers. Can't wait.

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