Friday, March 18, 2016

Pearl's 6 Year Gallery

Things are just a little mixed up this year. I haven't gotten Pearl's birthday on the blog yet, and I haven't gotten Ivory's gallery up yet either. (Mainly because I haven't taken her pictures yet. She requested them to be at the end of this month. More on that later.)

But I did get out one morning with Pearl when it was nice and overcast and I didn't have to fight with the sun at all. So since I have these pictures, we might as well enjoy them.

Pearl is growing up so quickly. Being my baby, it is crazy to realize she is six. It is nice in many ways, but the baby days are definitely behind us.

Pearl has a lot of personality. She is starting to make jokes on her own and keep up while we play games. She came along only 19 months after Daisy. She didn't want to wait very long before joining our family. She wanted to be right there in the mix.

She is a little bright during this photo shoot. A lot of orange. But I let them pick their own outfits (usually) and it was still cool enough to need a jacket. So bright is just right this time around.

After pictures, we stopped at a bakery for lunch. Pearl ordered bacon, which may be her favorite food in the world. Although she really enjoyed the chocolate bundt cake as well.

I sure love you, my Pearly P.

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meganmushrat said...

Wow - it's amazing how big she has gotten! When I look at the family shot we took when you were here (almost 6 years ago) it's hard to realize that little baby I'm holding has gotten so much older. But she sure is turning out pretty!