Thursday, March 17, 2016

Leprechauns and Kittens

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I happen to smile upon holidays based on a color. After all, Fete Day (one of the best holidays during the year) is color related.

Oh, and I happen to like Green. It used to be my favorite color, but that may have been usurped by red. By the way, do you know anyone whose favorite color is brown?? I'm not sure I have ever met anyone who said brown was their favorite color. Brunettes maybe, but not brown...

Anyway, you know how we roll around here for St,  Patrick's Day. Coins on the forehead. Check.

We all made wishes, but not all of us made our coin into the pot. It wasn't quite as organized since June was at Mutual and she came home late for pictures and wishing.

But don't worry. Seamus received a good pot of gold and a very cute picture from Daisy. Ivory also left him a note asking about his siblings and whether he gets sick.

And in return Seamus delivered, as is his way, with a puzzle. I missed most of the puzzle solving since the kids are up early, and I But I got downstairs before they found the prize. There were five shamrocks on the table and they had to use letters from each one to figure out five states where Seamus has lived. (Yep, Utah is one of them.) There were two leftover letters, C and H to help them find the prize.

They immediately assumed Carnegie Hall, but after much searching, no luck. This is where I got up and found them musing what else CH could stand for. We had some interesting suggestions:

Cheese (two kids had already checked the fridge)
Hallway closet (that was my idea, but no dice)
Cazier Home (that would leave a lot of space to search)

But just when we were losing hope, Ivory found the stash in Carnegie Hall after all. Seamus had put everything in the fireplace. Sneaky little Leprechaun.

He left us green muffins. Yum.

And a game called Exploding Kittens. (Look closely. Ivory still has some soot under her nose from the fireplace. I think it is cute.)

Exploding Kittens is very weird and quite fun. Not much to it. If you get an exploding kitten, you lose. There are many cards to help you avoid or diffuse kittens, but they get you in the end. We each exploded in turn.

Except Robyn. Guess she had the most leprechaun luck rub off on her.

We sure love our leprechaun Seamus. It may just be an annual visit, but we all look forward to it. Happy St. Patrick's Day all!

p.s. Seamus answered Ivory's questions. He said, "All my siblings are very greedy and I think it best to preserve this wonderful place outside their knowledge. I do not get sick the same way you do."  -S

Makes sense. Leprechauns can get quite greedy or tricksy. We are glad our leprechaun has settled with puzzles as his form of entertainment.

p.p.s. Thanks for Grandma Cazier who gave us a delicious traditional Cornbeef and Cabbage dinner when we visited. I feel bad because I didn't really appreciate Cornbeef and Cabbage until I was older. Sorry Mom. I know you make it too, and I'm sure it was great. I was just picky back then.

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