Saturday, March 26, 2016

Purge the Pictures

It has been a busy week. I'm excited to share lots of stuff with you. Now if only I could find time to sit down at the computer. It seems rare to find a free moment. For instance, I should be hiding eggs right now, but since all the kids are watching Magyver with Dad, I thought I would steal away and blog. Yes...I practically have to sneak away to find a moment to get anything done. Such is the life of a mom.

I thought I would try and clear out some pictures on my phone, so that makes this a random post. These are often my favorite posts because they catch the candid moments that make me laugh, and some of the things that I don't want to forget. Heck...I'd like to remember it all, but that is not going to happen.

Remember when we did that puzzle at Christmas time while Grandma Cazier was visiting? Since it was a race and we came in first, we got a gift from J.R. and Jami. This is our smoking duck.

Jami's mom knits them and they hold M&Ms that come out the back. I guess they are normally pooping ducks, but ours is special...he smokes.

June and I made apple nachos the other day. I think I would like almost anything that has melted peanut butter on it.

New Beginnings is an event the Young Women put on at the beginning of the year for the girls, and especially those who will turn twelve during the year. Robyn is one of those girls. One of two. There aren't that many this year.

It was a fun event with an UP theme. There was a backpack full of things so you can be prepared, like Russel, the boyscout.

There were balloons as well. You can't talk about UP without balloons. I love these beautiful girls.

Pearl was sick for a lot of February. She was really sick for a few days. She was so exhausted, she would fall asleep mid thought. The creepy thing was that she would sometimes sleep with her eyes partly open. Unnatural.

The kids still like to be carried to bed by Dad. He is the strong manly man who can lift anyone. (You can tell it was pie day by the pies in the background.)

March was missionary month. All the youth received a mission call and then went to several activities during the following weeks. June was called to serve in Japan.

She had a great time. Tyler and I were also able to help out. We were in charge of teaching Personal Responsibility and Etiquette. We had a good time and thought it was very memorable because we ended with a challenge to eat whatever is offered. We then offered Mustard Marshmallows and Ketchup Cookies. The kids were very polite as they choked them down. (No, I never got the courage to try them myself.)

Robyn had a project to make a poster of the moon phases. I apologize for the awful picture, but she is so creative, I had to share. Instead of labeling the phases, she used words to fill in the phases. The moons say things like 'waning crescent' or 'waxing gibbous'. On the earth, the land is filled with 'USA' and 'Canada'. And I especially liked the sun that said 'Sizzle'.

I walk down to the bus often to pick up Pearl. I passed these crocuses and they made me smile, because Spring is officially here.

I think Moxy is excited for the extra sunshine as well.

Ivory has finished her time in braces...for now. Her upper jaw has been expanded. Her teeth have been adjusted to fill the extra space and now we just have to wait for all her baby teeth to fall out. Here she is before.

And after. I believe this second smile is more genuine. June has managed to keep her teeth pretty straight (although she will still need braces they tell me) and I hope Ivory's smile will follow suit.

Here is another poster by Robyn. They were talking about global issues, and I believe her group chose hunger. I don't think Robyn did the whole poster, but I'm guessing my artsy girl did most of the drawing for this.

Robyn had also been doing persuasive writing. That means she comes home and tries to persuade me to let her do many things....such as painting MY Easter egg. I think she needs to work on her technique. It didn't take long for her persuasions to dissolve into threats. (I wonder where she learned that?) In the end, I did let her paint one stripe. It was the least I could do for her efforts.

That is all for now. Don't worry, there is plenty more still to come. I should probably get outside and hide some eggs.

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meganmushrat said...

Thanks for sharing little tidbits of your life with us. It's not quite as good as actually being there, but it's fun to read.