Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Portrait - Bounce

Ahem...besides being behind on my photo challenge, I decided to not tackle the Brenizer Method. Since I am not actually participating online with this challenge, I think I am okay to let one week slide. However, I need to catch up the other weeks.

The week after Brenizer Method was Portrait - Bounce. This means having two light sources. Traditionally, a main light source and then using a white surface to bounce that same light back onto your subject.

I took Robyn out while the sun was setting. There was beautiful light and I had Daisy stand nearby with a white foam board to bounce the light back onto Robyn's face.

It is hard to tell the difference just by looking at it, but as I set up the picture, I could see the difference as I brought the white board closer.

It does bring some nice soft light back to the face, but I don't know if I can be bothered to drag around a foam board. I don't take enough pictures right now to have a grip reflector, but I can see how one would be very useful in many circumstances.

I also like this picture too, although it doesn't show off the bounce effect as well.

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