Friday, February 24, 2017

Goodbye January

It is actually almost the end of February, thank goodness. In case you were wondering, we had another victim. June got sick on Ivory's birthday and has been down all week. Poor kid. Like I said, can't wait to put this month behind me.

But let's go back and enjoy some moments from January. There are always such interesting tidbits left on my phone.

Dad doesn't pack the kids around like he used to, since some of them are bigger than I, but the littles know they can still get him to give them a ride now and then.

Still making lunches daily. Robyn was drawing these cute critters at church one day, so I made similar faces and she finished up the rest. Can you tell what animals they are?

We have neighbors that water color. Abby is really very good. She asked if I wanted to come see a piece she had finished. She did the one on the left and her older sister did the one on the right. I think they are both beautiful, but I really love the birds in the snowy trees. Lovely.

I really like the simplicity of this necklace. Cindy gave it to Becca as a gift, and I had to snap a photo. I could make something like that...

Snuggle bug alert. I don't think Ivory is mad in this picture, but then again...she doesn't look happy either. Maybe she is still waking up.

Check out Tyler in his swag. He was getting ready to go to Front Sight again. Do you remember last time when a casing landed inside his shirt giving him a wicked burn on this back? That wasn't going to happen this time around. He got a shemagh for Christmas. It is desert headwear made to protect the head and neck from the sun and sand, and in this case, hot casings. If you look back at the last post, some of the other guys had them. I think Tyler is looking suave with his gun, tactical belt, shemagh, and shades. He means business.

Ivory and I had a date last month. She has been planning this one for a while. She wanted to go Rock Climbing. It was really fun. I couldn't do any climbing myself since you have to be 14 to belay. Belaying is being at the bottom and holding the rope taut for the person above. So I did a lot of that. And Ivory went around and scaled walls all over the place. It was a good time.

June went to a Murder Mystery party for Hannah's birthday. It was a beauty pageant theme. Her character was actually the lady in charge. She said it was very fun, because she got to read lots of things and organize the other players. She looked so lovely going out the door. It won't be long before she has a boy on her arm. Yikes.

Not surprising that she came home with the 'Dressed to Kill' award. Luckily, her character was innocent. They gave out characters randomly, and Hannah was the one who was killed. I can't remember who did it? It might have been Sophie.

Rubia's birthday is right after mine and Tyler's, so we like to get together with her. She invited us over for a wonderful dinner. The girls went right for the bears of course.

I forgot to take any pictures, naturally, until right as we were walking out the door. We aren't all in there, but I certainly love everyone in this crazy picture.

Finally, June is still cranking out fun art. I can't wait for the Art Show. I believe she will have a lot of pieces in there. I sometimes get a picture before they are turned in, but not always. I can't remember what this one is called. Two tone, maybe? And figure drawing. I don't think it is quite finished judging from the missing leg, but I get the pictures when I can.

January was a great month. A great start to the new year, with lots more adventures ahead of us.

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meganmushrat said...

I don't know about Tyler's side of the family, but I'd say that some of Dad's drawing skill has DEFINITELY percolated down to his granddaughters. Awesome art! Awesome kids!