Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sleeping on Purple

My back is probably the most unfriendly part of my body. We just can't decide if we get along. Sometimes we do just fine and others times, I lean over to spit while brushing my teeth and goodbye back. I'm always on the lookout for some way to help and strengthen my back.

One of my problems is sleeping. Not the insomnia types of problems, but the I-wake-up-wishing-I-had-never-slept-because-I'm-stiff-as-a-board type of problems. There are certain beds that disagree with me right up front. Others take a dislike to me over time.

My own bed has been bearable for 17 years now. (Yep, still the same mattress we bought when we got married.) We have been hesitant to purchase a new one because if we spend a hefty amount of coinage and end up with a nonreturnable back-breaking bed, that is definitely a lose/lose.

Only recently have bed manufacturers felt more confident in their products to offer a refund if you aren't satisfied in 100 days.

So we took the plunge and got a Purple. Don't know what a Purple is? Check out this funny ad here.

It arrived in its cool purple packaging. But Tyler got it unwrapped before we got the camera out. But look at it here all in its cocoon.

After we sliced the wrapper, we watched it expand on the bed. It was cool to watch it naturally inflate to its regular size.

Ahh, all ready to go.

I know we look dead in this picture, but we are just trying it out.

Ivory is digging the sleep mask.

Okay, now I need to give my review.

For the first few nights, I slept amazing. No aches and pains when I got up. However, over the weekend, when I got more sleep, my body still seemed to be stiff in the morning. It seems to be a time issue more than a mattress issue at the moment. If I sleep over seven hours, I seem to be a bit achy, although usually not too much. This doesn't seem fair because 1) I'm pretty sure I need my sleep. 2) I really wanted this mattress to be a miracle for me.

Granted, they say to sleep on it for 30 days to get used to it, but my guess is that my back is not going to change much in that time.

Do I like the mattress? YES.

Does it seem to have solved all my back problems? NO.

But I'm willing to give it some time. Plus, not a lot of choices at the moment. I don't really want to go back to my old mattress. That one was taking its toll on my back. So Purple it is, for now.


meganmushrat said...

I'm sure the ad would have been much funnier if I could have heard it. I have no place to hook in the speakers for my computer so I am without sound. Pity. Hope the bed works out for you.

Sharona said...

I've heard of it. You'll have to give us a 100 day review too.

Debbie said...

How are you liking your Purple so far? We are thinking of getting one.

Maleen said...

Debbie, I really like the purple. It is very comfortable and it doesn't sleep hot, but it doesn't seem to have solved all my back problems. I was hoping for a therapeutic mattress, and instead I seem to have just a very good mattress. I'll still take it over my old one, but for me it is not a life changer.