Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Touche February

There is a sad long history of February winning the battle against us. Someone is sick...

This year I started the kids on extra vitamins the last week of January. We had a huddle and I told everyone what was coming. That meant more hand washing, getting sleep, being careful around sick classmates. Everyone was prepped for the worst.

All to no avail. It got me.


I hardly ever get sick. And I think this was illness through allergies. We cleaned the car the last day of January and all the dust led to a runny nose. (I'm allergic to dust. No fun.) A runny nose quickly became congestion. I lost my voice and felt nasty.

Two weeks later, I'm feeling much better, but I still have a slight tickle in my throat that makes me cough occasionally. But I have been sick ALL of February so far.

I think I have been beaten into submission. Blogging has disintegrated in the wake of illness. (Although I have got some good reading in.)

I would really like to be blogging about something substantial (Read: with pictures) but Tyler's computer is glitching. (I'm pretty sure February is responsible for that too.)

So I will try again tomorrow.

February, good to know our rivalry is still going strong. I don't feel like I can make any statements on here without severely jinxing myself, so let's just say...I'll have my say come March.

Only 14 more days to go...


Sharona said...

Sorry Feb had been so hard on you.

Sharona said...

Sorry Feb had been so hard on you.

meganmushrat said...

You know, if you didn't focus so much on how everybody gets sick in February, then probably nobody would get sick. It's the power of negative thinking.