Thursday, February 23, 2017

39 Challenges

We love celebrating Tyler around here, but on his birthday, we also like to torment him a little. Probably because he is such a good sport. Four years ago, we gave him 35 challenges on his birthday. It was time for another challenge year. Lucky for Tyler, that means 4 more challenges. I didn't look back at his challenge post, but not surprisingly, some of the challenges were the same.

We took more pictures this time around, let's jump right in and see what this birthday boy can accomplish.

Here he is with a table full of tasks. Lucky for him, a few cards say he can skip a challenge, although one card makes him do a task twice. If he can complete 39 (if he fails one, he can use a skipped card) he earns a massage. (At a real massage place, not just from me and the kids.)

1. List the kids birthdays and their teachers at school. (FAIL, Tyler struggles to remember teachers' names.)
2. Do a word search in under 5 minutes. (I think he made it in six. That counts.)

3. Eat something mint.
4. Let everyone write their name on your back using ice. (Brr....cold.)

5. Sing a song as 'King Julian'.
6. Blow out 39 candles. (It takes a while to get 39 candles lit, but he succeeded.)

7. Smash an egg on your forehead. (We told him one in the bowl was raw and he had to choose quickly, but they were actually all hardboiled. He didn't even hesitate.)
8. Bring Pele back. (We. Love. Pele.)

9. Walk from the front door to the back door with a book balanced on your head.
10. Hold your breath for 45 seconds.

11. List 50 things starting with the letter 'T'.
12. Peel an orange with the peel in one piece.

13. Juggle six times without dropping an item.
14. Let mom do your eye makeup (on one eye) and someone must comment on it. (We went next door and it took Lynn a while to figure out why Tyler was strutting around her kitchen, but she eventually caught on.)

15. Do an insta-blog post. (He skipped this one because of time.)
16. Do an unscramble. (These are tricky, but luckily no time limit on this one.)

17. List 45 states. (Extra points for 20 state capitals. He didn't even try those.)
18. Hold still while we decorate your feet. (There was much laughing during this one.)

19. Watch your favorite Studio C.
20. Hold four kids off the ground at once.

21. Play GUNS until you win. (He won first try against June and Robyn)
22. Make a Limerick using a word chosen from a book.

23. Give everyone two compliments.
24. Without using hands, retrieve five gummy worms from a tin of whipped cream.

25. Clean the kitchen desk.
26. Saber a bottle, first try. (He actually didn't get this one. He got it on the second try.)

27. Call a sibling and sing them Happy Birthday. (You're welcome J.R.)
28. Let the kids paint something on your face.

29. Call your home teachers and set up an appointment for them to visit. (He drew the card that made him to this task twice. I think our home teacher was pretty confused by the second call.)
30. Do 25 pushups.

31. Turn off all the lights, read the next challenge by candlelight.
32. Draw a picture with your eyes closed and see if we can guess what it was supposed to be.

33. Take a vitamin.
34. Let Moxy lick your face.

35. Spell knuckleheaded backwards. (This was a joke because he had spelled it knucleheaded when we played a game a few days before.)
36. Find a stranger and have them sing Happy Birthday to you. (He skipped this one as well because of time.)
37. Teach us a phrase in Portuguese. (He told us how to say 'Turn off the lights'. luz, I think.)
38. Check the mail. (Inside was a card that said, YELL LOUDLY, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! He had actually already done that one when he came home.)

Last one. Perfect Timing.

39. Take a picture of someone feeding you cake. (We did this last one at the neighbor's and shared the cake, since they are so patient with our silly family.)

The cake was delicious. Great recipe this year for Tyler's traditional choice of German Chocolate Cake.

I love Tyler so much. He is the king of this household. All the girls adore him. It was so fun to have him do all these challenges. I'll probably give him another four years off for good behavior before we give him another set. Maybe...

Happy Birthday Handsome!

*If any of you were keeping track, I'm not sure he finished all 39 tasks, with failed ones and skipped ones, but I think he earned a massage anyway, don't you?


Raging Stallion said...

That was the funnest 39th birthday I've ever had!

meganmushrat said...

I don't think I could physically get through over half of those challenges! Well, I could handle eating cake, but I doubt I could blow out 67 candles.