Monday, March 13, 2017


Last week was a bit busy. I tried to blog and as you can see, it didn't happen. On Tuesday, I managed to get a screen open, but the only person that used it was Robyn. (It was very sweet that she blogged for me and in such a flattering fashion.)

This week, four posts. That is the goal.

I haven't been as good about documenting this month. Pink sock day came and went with everyone wearing awesome pink socks and me taking no pictures. (Lame.) I tell you, my brain is pulled in so many directions, I can barely keep up. But at least I still document birthdays. Ivory's was back there in February.

Ivory got older last month. Double digits are no stranger to her, but 11 is a new milestone. I can't believe how big old she is getting.

My lovely little Ivory. Unfortunately, she got more than her fair share of short genes. She is growing much the opposite of a weed. She is about the same height as June was at 10. But good stuff comes in small packages.

Ivory's birthday was a day off from school, but we still got her balloons.

She had friends over for a small party. (Small, because she wanted to go to Color Me Mine.) When her friends came over, they played Camel Up first. (We just learned this game and borrowed it from a friend. Super fun!)

Then we opened presents and had brownies.

Please note sick June in the background on the couch. She got sick on Ivory's birthday and stayed in that spot on the couch for four days. (You guessed it...a February casualty. At least it wasn't the birthday girl.)

Then off to Color Me Mine. Each of the kids chose a piece and went to work.

Tyler took pictures for me. Here we are from the other angle.

I think all the kids had a good time. Here is Ivory's finished bowl. I think it is adorable. Can you see her initials hidden in with the watermelon seeds?

Although it wasn't my birthday, I am going to brag about myself for two seconds. I finished my last dessert plate! I finally have all 8 done. This one is cookies. You have to have cookies, they are a favorite of mine. It only took my 4 years to complete the set.

Ivory got to go to lunch with Dad when school was back in. She chose Kneaders. Good choice little one. Love these two!

Oh, Ember got Ivory a fish for a gift. I'm not sure how I feel about living presents, but we all seem to be taken with Mr. Flibble. (Miranda, Ivory thinks you would appreciate his name.) He is a good fish. He has had several upgrades since his first bowl. I'll have to take a picture sometime and show you.

Ivory is such a fun, spunky personality in our family. We love that she is ours.

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meganmushrat said...

I'm glad Ivory had such a great birthday, although it is a pity poor June was so sick. You have to have a least one short person in a family, and it looks like Ivory is the designated one. It doesn't seem to slow her down any!