Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Science Fair Extensions

Ivory made it to District Science Fair. That means an evening of judging and festivities. (Although only if you think walking around looking at Science Fair projects is festivus.) Since both her sisters made it to district, I know the drill. I dropped Ivory off and came back later when parents were readmitted into the judging area.

Ivory was set up between two guys, one of which she got to know very well as they chatted between judges visiting their boards. During the open time, I went around and looked at many boards. I have no idea where Ivory was for most of this time. I'm assuming she ran off to hang out with friends. I spent some time by Ivory's board. Although she wasn't there to explain it, there always seemed to be someone looking it over. It tends to draw a crowd, of both boys and girls.

Eventually, it was time for the awards. I was actually quite nervous for Ivory. I feel like her project was done well, and she was able to talk about it intelligently, but there was so little time for actual experimentation. With only two vitamins tested, it seemed like that might not be enough to make the cut.

Ivory was positive though. We sat and we took a mandatory selfie.

They do all the honorable mentions first. It is a strange category. Most kids don't really want an honorable mention, because it means you don't move on, but in the end, they would rather have an honorable mention than nothing. There were only 30 kids in the honorable mention category, and none of them was Ivory. Ivory told me that since she wasn't called, she must have made it through. (I was doubtful, but at least she was confident.)

Now for the 60 projects that move on to BYU. Jane was the very first name called. That was really cool. (I figured out later that they call them in order. Jane was first because she was the very first project as you entered the room.) They call about 10 kids at a time and then let everyone clap. Imagine my surprise when Ivory's name was called in the first group as well. I really was stunned and so excited for her.

Oddly, both the boys next to her also advanced. The one she talked to quite a bit is standing close to her in the above photo. (More evidence that they are called in order.)

Here is the entire first group. You can't see anyone's face because of the light, but Jane is over on the far left and Ivory is easy to pick out since she is the shortest one.

Ivory came back and sat down and did her best Simone-Biles-medal-bite. (She is doing a huge report on her, so we hear a lot about Simone.)

Then it was time to pack up. We caught one last picture with Jane as we were leaving.

Ivory should have a great time at BYU. Several of her friends, including Ember, advanced. I'm excited for her to go have a great day with more science fun!

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meganmushrat said...

Wow - I am super impressed. I have to admit that my science fair projects were pretty lame. I especially remember the one on planetarium, but I never could catch any of the little critters, so it wasn't much of an exhibit. Go Ivory!!