Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bananas Revenge

I have mentioned that this pregnancy has been very different than my other ones. Sometimes this is a good thing. For instance, I haven't had very much heartburn. With my other pregnancies, I think I took something almost every night so I could lie down without melting holes in my esophagus. But with this pregnancy, moments of heartburn are few and far between. I have identified several culprits and I steer clear of those; things like peppers, sometimes onions, and always BANANAS!! They give me some terrible heartburn. I like to make banana bread if my bananas over ripen, but I am scared to eat it because of what a regular banana can do to me. So, instead I usually take a fresh baked loaf over to Tyler's work and the guys take care of it for me (they don't seem to have any complaints).
Yesterday was one of those days and I watched a bit sadly as the loaf vanished and I couldn't even try it for fear of discomfort the rest of the day. But I was strong, and refrained from even one piece. Then in the evening, I made this cherry delight thing in the crockpot that used cherry pie filling. It was fairly tasty. I didn't think much of it and I went to bed early because I was very tired. Right before bed I finished reading Fablehaven to June (the book was a bit above her level but I think she really enjoyed it and she seemed to listen very intently to the details).
So I am off somewhere in dreamland when I start imagining little fairies that burn. They seem to fly into my chest and I can see them glow a bit under my skin, and they hurt so much. They come one at a time but they are never ending; one after the other. Right before midnight I wake up and realize I have some killer heartburn (thanks Fablehaven for trying to translate it into fairies for me). I sit up thinking that will help the problem but the heartburn just charges ahead with renewed vigor. Thank goodness for Gaviscon. Tyler was very kind to fetch medicine for me and wait dutifully for me to feel better (man, those pills are nasty; I can't stand how they foam in my mouth before I swallow them). Here I was thinking I had escaped the wrath of the bananas only to find that I apparently need to take cherry pie filling off my list of safe foods as well. And maybe I shouldn't read fantasy books right before bedtime either.


Deanne said...

I'm so sorry your list has grown. Very clever way to dream about it, though! Thank heaven for medicine and husbands to fetch it for you!

¡Vieve! said...

I'm sad that you're delicious cherry thing gave you the burn! I have never experience heartburn (and hope never to) but I hear its monstrous.

I'm a little sad I didn't enjoy any of the bread yesterday.

Chelle! said...

OUCH!! I hate heartburn--I am glad that you survived it. As for bananas, I have had to take them off my list too...I found out that I am allergic to them--they make my tongue sting and I break out in a rash. Darn those bananas!!

Cindy B said...

Poor Maleen! At least the end is nearly in sight and you'll be able to eat what you like again soon. I remember my trigger was iceberg lettuce. So no salads for me at all. Such a yucky feeling.

Carrie said...

Fruit is weird, it makes me burp almost as much as soda does.

Rynell said...

Heartburn is awful. I sympathize with you. I just bought a huge container of TUMS and Zantac. Ugh.

I'm glad the end is in sight for you.