Monday, June 23, 2008

Wishes do come true... be careful what you wish for.

When I got pregnant this last time, I was really hoping that someone would ask me if this was my first pregnancy. I thought it would make me feel young, and then I could shock whoever asked with, "Why no, it is my fourth."
Well, I take my kids most of the places I go so no one is going to ask me that, when it is obvious I am traveling with my brood. But even when I have gone somewhere alone, no one has asked me if this were my first baby. I finally had to admit to myself that maybe I don't look so young after all, or the fact that it is Utah, and you can be on your fourth baby by the time you are in your early twenties.

Then...I went to the temple. I was waiting for a friend to come out of the dressing room and this sweet little lady looked at me and asked when I was due. "Late July," I said. And then my wish came true. "Is this your first?" I wanted to sing the response. She proceeded to totally make my day by telling me that I looked 21 and couldn't possibly have three other children. I wanted to kiss her. I guess you really do get blessings by going to the temple.

On the other side of my wishes is this vague hope that I will go into labor by myself. I never have before and I think it would be a novel experience. At the same time, I am perfectly content to be induced again. My mother will be here a couple of days past my due date and it would be fine to have it all planned out again. So here I am wishing for something to happen, and voila, I started having contractions last week. Now, I know that many of you are thinking, BIG DEAL...I had contractions for months before I had my baby.

Well, this IS a big deal for me. I have NEVER had a contraction before being induced. My first thought was great, I am totally going to go into labor by myself. But the more I hear about how commonplace these early contractions are, I am thinking that maybe I may have wished in vain. The truth is also, that even when they induce me and I start having serious contractions, they don't really help me dilate, so I can't imagine that these measly squeezings I am having now will do much for me. So, in reality I have just wished uncomfortable contractions on myself for no good reason. Awesome, I am a genius.


¡Vieve! said...

Why are you wishing painful contractions on yourself?!

I think, were I ever to be pregnant, this is the point of pregnancy where I'd want out-with as little pain as possible.

Jodi said...

That is so funny about the Temple! I have never thought about wanting that wish, but I am glad that it came true for you!

Hot Chocolate said...

You're so funny.

So we REALLLLLLY do need to get together now! You made a comment about waiting too long to get together and you might go into labor while we're out. You're on a roll with this wishing thing and I'm afraid we might be pushing our luck here. How's next week?

Chelle! said...

YOU are simply crazy!! But, I am glad that you got what you wished for. YEAH!! But, I still think you are crazy!!

buhlersdayoff said...

I guess the temple is a place where dreams come true. I love talking to the little old ladies that work there!!

Rynell said...

What wonderful things come when you attend the temple! ;)

Happy EFFECTIVE contracting! I'm not even going to go into the whole "I'm completely opposite from you" thing. If I could grant you a wish it would be a fast, unmedically induced labor.

Keep us posted!

Stacy said...

Sorry Maleen, but you may have wished in vain, or maybe not. You just never know. I NEVER had any contractions with Ashton and was induced a week early.
I was having TONS of contractions with Zander and was dialated to near a 5 for two weeks and still no baby! He did eventually come two and a half weeks early, but I had all the "signs" of labor for so long that I killed myself with anticipation.
On the bright side, you do look young for your age...which I'm not sure is all that old anyway :)