Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summerfest, summerfest, sum, sum, summerfest

Summer is certainly in full swing and we are trying to take every advantage. We spent last weekend at Summerfest and had a really fun time with the kids. We started off by browsing the booths and I like that you can find trinkets and the like for fairly cheap. The girls bought themselves some bracelets and I bought Ivory a pair of squeaky shoes. They squeak every time she takes a step. I think they are hilarious. By now they are her favorite pair of shoes and if we go anywhere she requests her "keeky" shoes. I can tell that some people get annoyed by the noise (Tyler isn't really a fan either). I was at the post office for over a half hour waiting in line the other day and I could tell by the end that some people wanted to shoot me for letting my child wear shoes that squeaked incessantly. Once again, I thought it was hilarious.

But back to the topic on hand...summerfest. We enjoyed watching some of the entertainment (I can't believe how many kids they can squish on that stage at one time) and we shared a huge tasty scone.

Ivory was tethered for most of this time and for good reason.

When I finally took off her leash during the rides, we actually lost her once. I had for the first time that terrible sinking panic rush over me as I looked around and realized I had no idea where she was. Ivory isn't the best at staying close anyway, so it wouldn't take long for her to get really lost. Fortunately I calmed myself, tried to think like her and found her just moments later, but I don't recommend the experience to anyone. I appreciate our leash that much more now.

The girls had a great time on the rides.

The carousel is always a hit and they enjoyed the ferris wheel too. This was the only ride I got on and I had my arms suctioned onto Ivory. There are no belts and the seats are so roomy, it would be so easy for a child to slip through. I have never considered the ferris wheel risky, but I may have to change my opinion. Here are a few more shots of other rides we liked.

We didn't stay long and it was hot anyway, but I feel we got plenty of fun out of Summerfest '08.


Melanie said...

Looks like fun! We enjoyed Summerfest when we lived there. But most of all, we enjoyed those mountains!! That picture of Tyler on the swing with the beautiful mountain behind him makes me homesick for Utah. All we have here are a few sagebrushy hills. :(

¡Vieve! said...

I have always loved Summerfest, but I haven't been in years!

It sounds like you guys had tons of fun!

Chelle! said...

Those pictures are absolutely adorable. Have you taken up scrapbooking? HEE HEE With those pictures, you caputered amazing memories.

Kayla said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. I don't know how we missed eachother. I was there both days at the booth. Also, you've been tagged, check out my blog for the info! Don't feel obligated though, I mostly just passed it on to make the girls at work happy.