Friday, June 20, 2008

You know you have kids when... go to IKEA and come back with children's furniture. We did get ourselves a nice bookcase and I found a dresser I liked for the kids (but Tyler didn't like the color so we didn't get it) but other than that, we bought all kids stuff.

I am actually fairly impressed with the table and stools that we bought. The table is very sturdy (as Ivory has tested over and over jumping off of it) and the stools come in handy all over the place. There is always a place to sit and they have been used for many creative purposes as seen here. Nothing like a bridge to paradise.

I also purchased some kids cups and mini bowls. I love the bowls because they are perfect for small helpings of fruit, yogurt, ice cream, etc. and the cups are just the right size for the kids. Ivory likes that they have a wider lip and I found her dipping her Coco Roos in her water the other morning. Personally, that sounds disgusting, but she was enjoying herself.

Someday I hope to have nice furniture (or at least something that matches with something else) but for now I will settle for kids stuff. After all, I like them to feel at home here too.


¡Vieve! said...

I love IKEA! Even if I'm going there just to browse, I always come away with something.

Chelle! said...

Oh, IKEA!! I love IKEA!! I think that it is great to just go and look around!!

S&E Mack said...

We still have our cell phones so our numbers are still the same for right now. We'll let you know when we change them. Also, the place I got Olivia's letters is called Wood Connection and it is in Sandy. Talk to you soon!

Rachel said...

Oh, I hear you sister! I can be in a store needing something for me and only me and come out with something for the kids (usually something for Annalise as girl stuff is almost always cuter than boy stuff!) and nothing for me. I never thought that my shopping interests would shift from "I really want that for me" to "I would rather use my budget for something for the kids". Kind of like being a kid and wondering why your parents would spend money on boring "stuff" instead of toys! I love being a mom!