Monday, September 8, 2008

Blessed Event

We had such a great time in Idaho this weekend. I do feel badly that we didn't bless Daisy in our ward so everyone could see the amazing dress that Vicki made, but it was good to be with family. We actually went up to Idaho to see Hinckley (a nephew) be baptized. Then it just made sense to bless Daisy the next day since we were all there.
The baptism was great, but crowded. It was a stake baptism so they had children from multiple wards and that translated into 9 kids being baptized. Wow. Amazingly enough, Hinckley got to be the very first one baptized. He is getting so big (he was the first kid born after Tyler and I got married) and he is such a handsome little dude.

I shot this picture as we were waiting for them after the baptism. This is Grandpa holding Rozzie, holding Daisy (oh, and Aunt Amber being very serious).

Rozzlyn did not want to let go of her, and Daisy didn't seem to mind.
We spent a great day with family after the event, enjoying Hinckley's birthday party and doing other activities together (to be blogged later by the Stallion).
Sunday morning came after many nightmares on my part. I don't know what I was worried about but I spent the whole evening dreaming that I couldn't find the dress and fretting about the optimal time to feed the baby so that she would be full enough so that she wouldn't cry but not quite so full that she would spit all over the dress (remember, she is quite the spitter).
Well, my fears were unfounded. The dress was right where it should be (when I awakened) and I was able to feed Daisy at the right time to keep her happy. In fact, she was sleeping peacefully for the blessing.
The dress is always an adventure in itself. It is taller than I am and so ruffly.

Once the baby is in the dress, she is a handful (literally), but she is beautiful. Grandma made the dress when we had June and each girl has worn it in turn. On the slip each girl's name has been sewn on and I plan to keep this dress as an heirloom forever. I hope that years from now, there will be dozens of names on the slip (grandchildren to be specific). Here are some more pictures of my lovely little girl.

Thanks to Jessica for letting us borrow the bow and bracelet to give her the perfect touch.

Church was fun for me. Tyler's parent's ward is predominantly older couples so they don't have any nursery-age children. Therefore, Ivory had no one to tend her. There was a room stock full of toys, but no teachers. So, I got to sit and play with her for most of church and I really enjoyed myself. It is not often that we get one on one time together.

This last picture just makes me laugh. You gotta love long car rides. At one point, I had the whole car sleeping (except me of course).

Thanks Idaho family, we'll be back soon.


¡Vieve! said...

Good times! At least the fam lives close enough that you can see them for stuff like this. That dress is gorgeous!

Stacie said...

Daisy is adorable and that dress is beautiful! I wish we had been there a week later so we could've been there for her blessing, but it was so nice to see you guys! Someday we'll live there and we'll be able to get together more often. When we were in I.F. I thoroughly enjoyed myself because both boys were able to attend nursery (Anthony is only 16 mos. old but Mark's cousin was in there with her son so she said to leave him). It was so nice to attend sunday school and combined priesthood/r.s. with Mark, his parents, aunt, brothers and their wives. Congrats on having another beautiful little girl to bless - the names sewn into the slip is an awesome idea!

Kayla said...

Daisy is beautiful, and I LOVE her blessing dress. It is amazing! She looks so darling in all of those picutres!

meganmushrat said...

Now I'm beginning to wonder if we made the right decision not to drive over for the blessing. It would have been so fun! However, it looks like our absence didn't put too much of a damper on the festivities. What beautiful children you have - it gives me great grandmother bragging rights!

Cindy B said...

Daisy looks beautiful. What an amazing dress! I can't even imagine making something that detailed. And I love the pictures of the sleepyheads in the car.

Desmama said...

The picture of the girls in the car is just cute. When DesDad and I were engaged, we went to California for a cousin's wedding, and someone took a snapshot of me in the car (I was asleep) looking JUST LIKE THAT. On me, that look is hideous. The girls, they just look plain cute, that's all.

Your baby and her dress are both gorgeous. She looks like a complete angel.

Emilie said...

The dress is so pretty! Daisy really looks like she belongs in your family. What I mean is that she looks a lot like your other cute!

Chelle! said...

What a beautiful--no the right word is.. GORGEOUS dress! What a great idea--to sew the names of each little one that wears it.

Rynell said...

What a beautiful dress (and a perfect baby girl)! I just love traditions like that!