Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My first baby turned six today. I love her more every day. Here are ten reasons I love June at age six:

1. She does things to make people happy (like giving spontaneous foot massages).
2. She asks really interesting questions that make me think.
3. She is beautiful, but not conceited at all.
4. She has her own sense of style (the stripes, prints, and polka dots are starting to look good together).
5. She always helps me when I ask her for something.
6. She is starting to understand when I am teasing her, and she plays along.
7. She is kind to her sisters and shares everything.
8. She still sleeps with her bear, Foot.
9. She likes fruit, but not chocolate chips (I wish that were true for me).
10. I can't imagine life without her; she made me a mommy first.

Her birthday was great. We had the whole day planned out. I made her a cup of fresh fruit this morning and I loved how she picked out all the grapes first, then the strawberries and finally the bananas. I asked if she ate the grapes first because they were her favorite, or least favorite; they were her favorite.
When she got home from school we had her cake all ready to eat after lunch and then she opened gifts.

The flower cake is in honor of her deep abiding love of les fleurs. Today I didn't take pictures of gift opening, I just sat back and enjoyed it. The biggest gift was a telescope from Dad. They are outside right now (it's 10:19 pm and they have been out there for over an hour) looking at stars. Tyler really likes Astronomy so he has been planting the seeds of star gazing in June so he could justify the gift. I don't mind because Daddy/daughter time is precious no matter how you pay for it.
In the evening we went to Jump On It, a huge trampoline play area. The girls all really enjoyed it (except maybe Robyn who got hurt a few times). As we were walking in, they were carrying out a girl with her ankle wrapped in ice; certainly not a good omen. Luckily, we all exited with no serious injuries. There is a trampoline area just for kids under 4 feet and there are several big blow-up jumping toys that are just for the younger children so the girls were well entertained.

Tyler really got into it and was doing several flips in a row (I wish I had gotten some pictures but there was too much movement and they all turned out blurry). Daisy was nice enough to sleep for almost the whole time so that Mom and Dad were able to jump around together.

Here is June saying, "I'm six!!"

Then we went to IHOP, where advantageously kids eat free on Tuesdays after 4pm. That was a great ending to a great day. June is almost asleep as I write this; a year older and just as sweet as can be.


Stacie said...

Wow - can't believe that was 6 years ago! What a cute girl she is, and that was a cute cake too! Sounds like you had a super fun day for her! Happy Birthday June!

Chelle! said...

Happy Birthday June!! I think your sweet!!

¡Vieve! said...

What a great birthday you guys gave her! PS that cake was delicious-I tried some.

Alissa said...

Happy Birthday June! 6 is super cool.

Katie Phelps said...

YAY! Happy Birthday to June! Whenever I see her cute little face, I miss primary so much. Getting to know her was such a treat. :)

Desmama said...

Aw, cute birthday girl! And that cake is totally inspiring to me. I might try it. I'll have to e-mail you for any special directions/tips you might have.

Kayla said...

Darling picture of June, and FABULOUS cake! It sounds like it was such a fun day! I can't believe how big she is.

Also, I tagged you...go to my blog to see the tag. (no obligation to put it on your blog though, only if you want to =D)

Jodi said...

Cute! It looks like jump on it was a hit. But, it does confirm to me that it is a place for older kids. I think we will wait a couple of years before we take Callie there. By the way- love the cake.

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday June!!!
We avoid Jump on it because my nephew Chase got pretty hurt there once when some big kids jumped him. We are all about the Kangaroo Zoo...though not as fun for adults I must say.
Love your cake...very cute.

meganmushrat said...

How I wish we could have been there to help celebrate June's birthday! It's hard to believe that's she's six already, although she is so grown-up sometimes. Must come from being the oldest sise. Please let June know that Grandma and Grandpa and Tim think she is WONDERFUL!

Deanne said...

Darling cake! It looks like a fantastic day for a very sweet 6 year old!