Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ode to Tyler

As Two Ships Passing in the Night

As two ships passing in the night,
So quietly neath the stars soft light;
Our paths cross but now and then.
Reaching out, seeking one another again.

We say hello and then we part,
Knowing we've shared a piece of our heart.
Some friendships stay and sadly some go.
My prayers remain steady hoping ours will grow.

I ache when you're hurting,
I cry when you're sad.
Wanting to comfort and hold you so bad.
Know that I'm waiting here, with open arms,
To share all your troubles and relish your charms.

I have nothing to offer but the soul of a friend,
Strong shoulders to lean on that don't easily bend.
I offer these freely with no strings attached,
For in caring and sharing you'll not meet my match.

So on some long and lonely night
When nothing seems to go just right
Close your eyes and think of me,
Under the moon's glow is where I'll be.

Author: Unknown

Sometimes I feel a bit like two ships passing in the night; especially last night. Tyler and I watched a movie together and then he talked to me as I got ready for bed. He literally talked to me until I fell asleep. My last conscious thought was, "I should not close my eyes because that may be construed as not listening."
Tyler went back to work to catch up on some time. I woke again at 2:45 am to feed the baby and even before I picked her up, I heard the door open; Tyler was home. He thought he had awakened me but I assured him I was already up. He then settled on the computer to play a game (yes, I know it was 2 am, don't ask me to explain the man). I heard him come to bed at about 5:45 and I was awake ten minutes later feeding the baby.
Many nights are like this, we are up and down, passing each other and sometimes murmuring an I love you or two. Even during the day, we come and go with our busy schedule. But there is certainly not another ship I would rather pass each day. We say hello and then we part, knowing we've shared a piece of our heart. Today I was just thinking about you Tyler. I love you.


Raging Stallion said...

I'm a battleship.

¡Vieve! said...

Aw, that's sweet. Thank goodness you found someone so great to spend your life with.