Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

When I left for my mission to Brazil, my Father warned me that he was to receive a letter once a week—no less. In great fear and trepidation of what might happen if I did not delivery a weekly letter, I wrote like Thoreau lest some great misfortune befall me. My father, somewhat old school in his absolute abhorrence of computer-produced letters, would scribe a letter to me on his Levenger stationary with his black-ink alloy fountain pen. “Letters,” he would say, “should come with some emotion, and you just don’t get that on a computer.”

Now that I have returned, the necessity for letter writing seems to have diminished. This is odd to me as I sit here because although I am closer, I see my Idaho family only slightly more than I did on my mission! Perhaps letter writing is more necessary than previously supposed!

Nevertheless, I received a letter from my father just yesterday. In the grand tradition of my father, it was written in his own hand on premium paper. Without disclosing the entire contents of the letter, I wish to share a portion: “We were cleaning our drawers the other day and I found an assignment from you about why I should buy you a computer. I thought you might find it amusing now.”

Enclosed with the letter was another hand-written document, in penmanship I haven’t seen in years—my own. The document titled, “10 Reasons to have a Computer,” is meticulously labeled with “Tyler” as the preparer, and is dated, “9-16-91.” That’s 17 years ago almost to the day. It reads as follows:

  1. To do my homework.
  2. IF we got a computer for the family, either Kolby or J.R. will ruin it like the one downstairs.
  3. To store my scientific refr information.
  4. To keep my schedules on.
  5. To keep my diary gernal on.
  6. In 5/6 of my classes, I get extra Credit for computer printed assignments.
  7. To Index, my Index words for My English class.
  8. To make an index of my books.
  9. To help the earth. Lined paper that has been written on with ink or lead can’t be recycled, computer paper can.
  10. To aid myself and others in scouts.
  11. To help J.R. & Kolby with their homework.
  12. To keep personal thoughts I wan to remember on.

Notice the list of ten reasons actually has 12.

It’s not often that we obtain smoking-gun evidence that were just as funny as our children are now. For now, this letter serves as a reminder of days gone by that I only see now…in my children. Write a few of those moments down, for perchance you may find them in about 20 years and you can send them to your children.

By the way, yes, I did get the computer, and no, neither Kolby nor J.R. ruined it like the one downstairs.

My dad also noted, "I know I enjoy remembering these events in our lives. Who would know that you'd go on to use a computer to provide for your family." Maybe when June asks me for a telescope she's really telling me she's going to grow up to be a rocket scientist?


Deanne said...

If you didn't go into the computer field, I think persuasive writing would have been your career path!

Cindy B said...

It's always fun to go back and read the stuff from years past. I have all these letter people sent to me my first year of college and they make me smile.

¡Vieve! said...

You totally went above and beyond, giving twelve reasons instead of ten!

PS Thanks for the pumpkin cheesecake, it was so delish!

Sharon said...

Get her the telescope!! You know you'll be well cared for in your old age. Hugs~