Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Everything is Funnier When a Two-Year Old Speaks

Ah yes, another post dedicated to dear Miss Ivory who cracks me up daily. What can I say folks...she's two. It is fun to figure out how the gears work in her head. Kids are so smart at this age and they soak up so much. They only regurgitate a smidgen of the funny in their heads, so I want to capture it if I can.

During the morning session of General Conference a few Sundays ago, Tyler and I stole a moment to ourselves to listen to Music and the Spoken Word while the kids were still upstairs. Ivory is my little shadow so it didn't take her long to find me. She curled up in Daddy's lap and was watching the screen intently. I thought, 'How wonderful. My daughter is listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I wonder if she enjoys the music?'
My thoughts were interrupted as Ivory said matter of factly, "This movie is terrible." Apparently MOTAB is not her thing.

Another evening, Tyler was at the church for a meeting. He got a ride from a neighbor since they were both attending. Ivory came in about an hour later.
"Oar's Dad?" Translation: Where's Dad?
"Dad is at church."
"Oar's Dad?"
"Honey, he went to church, he'll be back later."
"His car is here, oar's dad?"
Hmmm, observant little duck. She likes to look out the window and watch people come and go (like June going to the bus stop) but I never figured she connected Dad being home with that red car out front. Guess she knows what she's talking about. I explained that Daddy got a ride...she seemed satisfied.

Even though Ivory is the sweetest, she is also my hardest child right now (I think I have mentioned this many times). She crawled up in my lap the other day and sat facing me. She stroked my hair gently then put her little hands on my cheeks, and said, "Mom, you're a good mom."
How did she know I needed to hear that? We have our good and bad days, but I think she approves overall. And for the record...Ivory, you're a good Ivory.

She dresses herself now which is funny to watch since she usually has something on backwards, but here she is sporting Daddy's clothes. And this is her pirate smile. When we ask her to smile, she squints.


Tim Dargan said...

How- neat- whats MOTAB? She is so cute and I think that shell be very smart when she gets older.

¡Vieve! said...

How cute! I wish little kids said fun things near me.

Jodi said...

You gotta love it! You are a more patient mother than me to let her dress herself. I should chill out more! (That will never happen!)

buhlersdayoff said...

She is adorable and I love that she is so observant and can give you the comfort when we all need it most. Funny story about the whole MOTAB too.

deckerfam said...

I love the MOTAB story!! Isn't it funny how 2 is such a fun stage but so hard at the same time?! Andy is getting a head start on the terrible twos. Its a good thing he is cute : )