Monday, October 13, 2008

Midnight Grapefruit and Other Stories

Midnight Grapefruit

I came home the other evening after visiting a friend and the only child awake was Ivory. She usually stays up a bit later since she takes a good nap in the afternoon. June often manages to keep her eyes open longer than Ivory (I swear June does not need as much sleep as other people) but tonight Ivory was the only one twitching. I'm sure if I left her alone she would have been asleep shortly, but instead I decided to make a memory (mainly for me since I don't think she will remember much of her two's). I picked her up out of bed and said, "Shhhh."
"What mom?" she whispered back.
I would only answer with "Shhhh."
I took her down and put her on the counter and I cut up a grapefruit and shared it with her. I don't know if she would like this treat if I served it at the table, but she is always happy to snitch from me. She will be the daughter I take to IHOP in the middle of the night when we both want pancakes and grapefruit juice. I have to plant the seeds now...

Bigger Bandaids Make Everything Feel Better
The other night I had heard my fill of crying. Most of it was Ivory (as you can guess, she being 2), but everyone had taken their turn. Tyler was home and Robyn started quietly sobbing upstairs. In my I-have-had-it sarcastic voice I said, "What could that sound be? I have never heard it before!" Tyler could tell that I was finished for the night, so he went to check on the girls. The next thing I heard was, "Mom, you'd better come up here."
Oops, I never hear that unless it is serious. Sure enough, Robyn had been running around and she had stepped on the prong part of the belt buckle. The prong had punctured her toe and there was a fair amount of blood. Poor kid, but she was great and didn't get any on the carpet. She was very brave as we cleaned it out; it wasn't very deep. Then Dad bandaged it, we put a sock on, and as the crowning touch, we let her wear the wrap bandage.

She thought this was great; real proof of her injury. She was running around again in no time and I made a mental note to make sure no more belts are left on the floor. I know it will be my foot next time.

My Girls' Hair is Cuter Than Your Girls' Hair
That would have been my bumper sticker on Sunday. I don't get to use that bumper sticker very often. I try to get the girls' hair out of their face, but I don't always get it looking nice, let alone adding accessories. Sunday is my day to try new things and I have several websites I frequent for ideas, seeing that I can never think of my own. Here's one I like. This Sunday's idea actually didn't come from a website although I am sure I have seen it online before. I had completely forgotten about this style until I saw a little girl at the store with something similar. So I busted out my ribbon and this is the result.

It is very easy. Simply two puffy braids (I think that is what they are called on the high tech hair sites) and then I just threaded the ribbon through like you would on a shoe. Voila, instant cute. Then of course, you have eight hair ties to take out later to many "OUCH"es, but it was worth it to own the bumper sticker for a day.


Kayla said...

That hairdo is darling! You are so creative. And what a cute mom to make memories with your kids. Even though she's only 2 and may not remember this exact experience, she will remember the times she got to do something special with her mom! How fun!

Katie Phelps said...

I saw your girls' hair during Sacrament meeting and thought it was so cute (I even told Bryan) and wondered how you did it. Thanks for sharing!

Stacy said...

Your girls' hair is cuter since I only have boys and their hair looks the same every day
Even if Ivory doesn't remember the grapefruit, she will have this lovely blog entry to remind her some day when she is older and the two of you are reminicing over pancakes and grapefruit at IHOP at 2 am.

Alissa said...

1. i'm just happy if my girls hair doesn't have any visible food in it. ponytails and braids are icing.

2. ouchie foot!

3. i love making memories like that with my kids. i know i'm their mom, but sometimes i hope that they'll also think of me as their friend.

Rynell said...

Cute hair! My girl loves it when I spruce up her hair.

That is one big bandaid. :)

I just love spending a little time with each of my kids alone (after the others are asleep). It doesn't happen very often, but I like to have a time or two when I am not rushing and shushing them to sleep.

Tim said...

Cool. Uh- I dont do my hair or exotic bandaids, but it gives me the courage to have midnight snacks.

¡Vieve! said...

The girls' hair is so cute! I always wished I had cute hair growing up-sadly that never happened. You are a great mom for all the things you did here!

skye said...

I would love to be able to do cute stuff with my daughter's hair, but instead all I get are screaming fits at the mere suggestion of brushing her hair. Goofy girl. :)