Friday, October 24, 2008

I Love Being a Mommy

I saw this on someone's blog a while back, but forgot about it. Then I saw it again here, so I thought it would be fun to try it with my own kids. You ask your kids these 10 questions and see how they respond. The answers are in birth order (Daisy excluded for obvious reasons). It made me laugh enough, that I will probably have to do this annually.

1. What does mom always say to you?

  1. Hello June.
  2. Be nice.
  3. Look at my eyes (I really do say that when I want them to listen).

2. What makes mom happy?

  1. When people help you out like when I did the laundry one time.
  2. Being nice to each other and play with each other nicely.
  3. Eat food, get a treat happy.

3. What makes mom sad?

  1. When Ivory screams and does mean things to Daisy like she just did right now (Ivory had just pinched Daisy, but I am sure it was an accident, because she loves the baby).
  2. When you fight and you say mean things to other people you don’t like.
  3. Mom’s sad like toys.

4. How does mom make you laugh?

  1. When you tickle me.
  2. By tickling you.
  3. Tickle to laugh.

5. How old is mom?

  1. 20………9 (she likes to tell me I am 28, but I think she knows the truth, so her face was really funny as she decided what to say).
  2. What was your age again? What do you think it is? I think 28.
  3. 2.

6. How tall is mom?

  1. I need to get the measuring tape. No, just guess. I bet 15 inches (at least I am over a foot).
  2. 16’s tall.
  3. Big.

7. What does mom like to do?

  1. Help us.
  2. Do stuff on the computer and make her bed and make decorations of paint.
  3. Do stuff on my list (she must watch me make my silly lists each day).

8. What is mom’s job?

  1. To do laundry and other helpful stuff around the house, like chores for mommies.
  2. Read and help each other clean up and sit in the chair and feed Daisy and show things to Daisy. (ha ha)
  3. Get daddy (this is probably my favorite answer).

9. What is mom’s favorite food?

  1. Vegetables (what??).
  2. Broccoli and carrots and beans (do my children know me at all??).
  3. Cereal (that’s more like it).

10. How do you know your mom loves you?

  1. Because we are her children and she shows her love for us.
  2. Because she likes me a lot.
  3. Mommy loves Daisy and holds her when she spits up with a burp cloth (which I guess translates into love for her…right?).
June made me this drawing. She put it under my covers so I would be surprised when I went to bed, but mostly I was surprised by how cute it was; she's my little artist. The purple things on the sides are diamonds with sparkles on them.


deckerfam said...

That is so cute! I have to say I don't think I could ever be Ivory's mom. After helping out in her nursery class she had me wrapped around her finger. If she was my daughter I wouldn't be able to ever tell her no. She is such a doll!

Tim said...

I like the picture at the end of you blog- whos is it?

Tim said...

Oh wait its junes

¡Vieve! said...

Those are some adorable answers! At least they knew some things!