Monday, October 27, 2008

Good 'ole Pumpkinland

So we finally made it to Pumpkinland. Here are some of the highlights:

The girls must be used to me having the camera since they wouldn't look at Dad while he took this picture.

June is learning to use the camera; she gets better all the time.

Robyn conquered the big slide.

It was totally worth it to see her face.

June thought it would be fun to go down backwards.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Daisy didn't make a peep the entire time. The. Entire. Time. I love that sling.

Ivory has awesome hair after coming off the slides.

I like the swan gourds. They just are so weird looking.

We really did have a good time despite the fact that we can't seem to get them to smile at the same time, or at all in this case.


Tim said...

Neato- I am going to try to go t a corn maze this halloween.

Ker said...

We went yesterday and have those same photos-minus your kids plus mine. Cute girl! I am sure they had a blast!

K Cazier said...

How Fun!!! I love 'Pumpkin Land' and I have never even heard of it before. Isn't it fun being a mom and getting to spend all of that time with your kids. We are so LUCKY!!! I take that back... BLESSED!!!
P.S. Ivory is growing up sooo much!

Stacy said...

Ahhh...pumpkinland. I fear we may not make it this year. Heehaw had to suffice.
Daisy is adorable, I must have her.

meganmushrat said...

You are such good parents - much better than we were! You take your kids to lots of fun things AND take pictures to document it. I'm sorry we are missing out on so much of their childhood - but feel very lucky that you are a 'blogger' and share it with us!

emma jo said...

It looks like fun! and that isn't a Lucky Baby Sling, is it? Totally cute! Those gourds frighten me a bit but I am so happy to see a Mom in pictures!!

¡Vieve! said...

A land of pumpkins? What a weird thing! Are these things all over? Looks like you guys had a great time!

Emilie said...

Seriously, I love Pumpkinland. I think it is the best place to go with little kids! I love the little hat Daisy was wearing in that last picture, so cute!

Jodi said...

What would Halloween and fall be without pumpkin land? We love it there!