Saturday, October 11, 2008

Too much cute in one post!

I went and took some pictures of the kids today (well, two kids to be exact). June needed her six year old picture. I know that we just took school pictures and I almost decided to use that picture for her six year old picture, but the 8 x 10 at Kiddie Kandids is still free for their birthday AND I realized that school pictures will not coincide with other children's birthdays so I should keep my picture scheduling like it is.
Daisy was due for a picture too since I take them more frequently the first year. I usually take one around 3-4 months when they can hold up their head, and another when they are sitting up. Plus they change so much the first year, I like to get better documentation. This is Daisy's first picture in the gallery on my stairs (I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see my children every time I walk up and down my stairs). I had to move a few pictures around and in thus doing I found a few pictures hidden underneath others (namely Robyn and Ivory's 3 month pictures). So I dug up June's, and for your viewing pleasure here are my babies in all their 3 month old glory.





p.s. June's six year picture deserves a post of its own, so wait for it...


Tim said...

How cute! I cant wait to have children of my own!

K Cazier said...

Cute, cute, cute, and cute!!! Maleen, your girls are absolutly beautiful!!! You are a great mom and it shows in your girls!

¡Vieve! said...

Those pictures are too cute for words. It makes me want to hug a baby.

Stacy said...

Wow...I always thought your girls looked so much alike but now that I see all these picture side by side, I can see each one's individuality even at that young age. They are all adorable

Chelle! said...

Vieve-hug a baby? I do have to see that. Maleen--these are absolutely adorable.