Thursday, April 1, 2010

And Normally I Don't Even Celebrate This Holiday

Bet you thought this would be a real blog post. isn't.

April Fool's!


Sharona said...

I think it was hilarious!!! Happy April Fools Day to your sweet family. Ok, I was going to plan a trip to UT but Emily is bringing her family here the week I was going to go there so no can see you guys:( Maybe later in the year - how's August look?

Stacy said...

I am totally laughing right now at your previous post because we are having the same problem with a little dryer vent friend who won't stay out of our dryer hose! This cannot end well for our friend if he keeps this up. Where did you get that little thing you installed? I need to get one pronto! Apparently it is a common problem as I posted it on facebook and had several people comment they had had the same issue

Chelle! said...

OH my...Maleen!!