Monday, April 12, 2010

Le Crack-Off

Ivory paused for a photo shoot during the crack-off

For the record, I went back and read some old posts and it snowed during Spring Break last year. So really Utah, we should just plan on it and get out the sleds.

Okay, down to business, and I mean serious business. The Crack-Off is no light matter in my family. The actual cracking part is not too anticipated, but the decorating gets very competitive. I know my family loves me, but I am pretty sure they visit around Easter time just to compete in the egg decorating. And why shouldn't they? They are all very creative.

This was the first year that we had a family Crack-Off as well as our neighborhood competition. The kids are old enough that we thought they would have fun. In other years we were worried about hurt feelings if eggs were cracked but this year we figured out that allowing the kids to eat the cracked eggs made it all better. Robyn's egg was the first cracked and so naturally the first devoured.

Tim's pumpkin egg didn't make the cut.

Here is June and Mom cracking-off. My Cheetah egg took out her ocean egg.

Amazingly our winner was Daisy. She got into the action too. She would push her egg out into the middle with a little help and after she won the first round, she was so thrilled that she picked her egg up and threw it across the room. And that is why we make more than one egg. Her second egg still blew away the competition (meaning Dad). Here she is with her winner daisy egg.

I like that you can still see the marker on her forehead. (Yes, she still manages to draw on herself or the wall almost daily.)

Later the same evening, we had the adult Crack-Off. This is our only picture because Tyler and I were holding Pearl most of the evening.

But you get the idea. Brian was our returning champion and he made it to the final round only to lose to Bro. Hawkes (also a champion from a previous year).

I failed to take pictures of eggs that evening (still blaming Pearl), but I did get a shot of some of them the next day. Take a minute to look and chose your favorite.

My mom won with a landslide vote for Watermeggan. That is the watermelon egg, but we always give them names. Second place was the Valentine Egg (also hers). I think you can pick that one out. Third was 24601, Tyler's Les Mis egg and also The Striped Avenger ( Hawkes egg not pictured). Fourth place went to Tim's Ocean of the Night (that bluey egg) and another egg not pictured. This was Tim's first year placing and he was pretty proud. Fifth place was the Tyler's Pink Panther Egg. Which is your favorite?

Dad, you were sorely missed. Your eggs are always so interesting and we missed your smile around here. Hopefully you can make it next year. Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

Taken last September


Alissa said...

my fav was the argyle egg.

¡Vieve! said...

You guys are so amazing with your egg decoratings! I'm jealous!

meganmushrat said...

Tim says that his Ocean of the Night got fifth place, not fourth, so I guess I didn't get it right when we talked about it. I guess that bumps the Pink Panther up to fourth place. That should please Tyler!