Thursday, May 27, 2010

As Bro. Hawkes says...'s a good year for spinach. Because spinach likes the cold. I do not. And neither does my cottonwood tree.

And so last Monday, when it dumped snow on us, it was not a good thing. See there is a reason that trees brave the winter all naked like. Because leaves + snow = a burden too heavy to bear. My poor tree had four large branches break off.

So sad. My garden wasn't looking too happy either.

And by the afternoon the snow was gone, but the damage it left behind was permanent. The only positive thing was watching Tyler enjoy the new walking stick.

So Mother Nature, if we really need more snow this season, could we keep it up in the mountains?

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Emma Jo said...

I cannot believe that! My sister that was here visiting from Utah saw that and refused to get back on a plane home...but then the snow melted and she did.