Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Six in the Mix

Robyn had her birthday this last week. Or if you read the sidewalk-chalk sign June started, you would know that she had her birt this week. To give June credit, she got as much done as she could before the party officially started.

This year I let her have a friend party. I kept it really low key. The girls made some shrinky dinks (which inspired me...stay tuned for a later post).

Then they played outside while I baked the creations. The pizza boy arrived with dinner. HOT!!! And I'm not talking about the pizza.

I tried another crazy cake this time around.

They never turn out quite like I plan (I asked Robyn how she liked the castle and she said, "Oh, that's what it is, I didn't really know."), but they are usually accepted on account of the fact that they contain large quantities of sugar. Robyn blew out her candles like a pro. (Except for one at the end that gave her some trouble. Maybe her wish will come true anyway.)

And then we opened gifts.

Here is the whole gang.

I love that her sisters will probably be a part of every birthday she has. June even wanted to sit by Robyn while they were crafting. I hope they are always close.

And that was it. We saved the family gifts for later in the evening. Mariokart was the big winner, earning the shocked expression of the evening.

Her bike would have been more of a surprise if I hadn't given it away only moments before present opening. (To my credit, I did think she had left the room before I started talking about the bike, but instead she had sat down to pet Moxy and was being really quiet. Darn those quiet children.) I thought it rather ironic since I spent the entire week previous to her birthday prepping Ivory to keep all presents under wraps. I finally told her to not even discuss presents so she wouldn't give something away. Perhaps in the future, I should take my own advice.

So now Robyn is six. For some reason I always expect June to get older, being my first. But it always surprises me that Robyn continues to grow as well. She is a jewel in my life. She is sensitive and kind; creative and unique. She shows a bit of sass when you get her riled up, but underneath she has a gentle heart. Last night we showed the girls The Never Ending Story for the first time. We almost had to pause the movie after Artax sank in the swamp because Robyn was crying so hard. Poor girl. She feels things very deeply.

I think she had a good day. In the evening, right before bed, she jumped up and gave me a huge hug and whispered in my ear, "Thanks mom. I had a great birthday." And that made my day perfect too.

p.s. Pearl dug the party too.


Emma Jo said...

I love it, Happy Birthday not-so-little girl! I love the cake and the surprised expression and baby Pearl with the balloon.

Raging Stallion said...

Hot and Ready!