Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Odds And Ends

I was browsing through my pictures so I could do another Wordless Wednesday (because after all, it must be nice not to hear me blather all the time), and I realized that I have too many pictures that I need to get on here. I have been slacking a bit due to a slight cold and less than adequate sleep. So you get a whole bunch of things clumped together (with words, sorry).

First I will add on a tag to the last post. Tyler mentioned that it was a miserably cold night at Supercross, but they prepared in advance with many layers. Tyler busted out his long johns (which don't see much use) and the girls were fascinated. What could this be that Dad was wearing? Well he told them...MAN TIGHTS. He has found his own way to fit in with all his girlies.

Here is an I Spy.

In other news, we finally busted out the ice cream maker that my parents gave me (TWO YEARS AGO!!!)

Why we haven't taken it out sooner, I will never know. Our first experiment was Papaya Sorbet, since that is what I had on hand. I learned several things. Overipe Papaya does not get better when you make it into sorbet, even if it does have a nice creamy texture.

And even if it doesn't taste too bad, the smell does make a difference. Lastly, when I get out bowls for all the people in my family, it sure seems like a lot.

Our next experiment is chocolate, but what with forgetting to buy cream and buying sour milk that we needed to exchange, it has been a slow process. But tonight...we feast.

In FHE last night we talked about Jesus walking on the water. So June tried it out herself during bath time. I was fairly impressed.

For the record, no one is holding her and she is not holding onto anything herself. How do you think she accomplished it?

We got our carpets cleaned finally. I kept putting it off, but it was well beyond time for a good scrub. They were damp much longer than I would have liked, but Daisy didn't seem to mind in the least. Here she is face down and that carpet is hardly dry.

I always enjoy the extra room, but since the couch was taking up all the kitchen, it was nice to move the furniture back.

Finally, Pearl continues to struggle with nap time. Tyler put her on her tummy yesterday and she slept for a solid four hour nap. Darn the warning about SIDS when they sleep on their tummy. I guess I will just have to soldier through some more sleepless nights. She sure is cute, however she sleeps.


Alissa said...

you still make your babies sleep on their backs? oh boy. i'd never get an ounce of sleep.

Raging Stallion said...

Man tights, WITH scout socks. What a treat! My kid can walk on water—I actually have the photo. This is too cool. Daisy cruising the wet carpet was awesome. Hmmm, playing the odds, I'd say we're probably ok to sleep her on her belly. Besides, we're young, we can have more if we need to.

Desmama said...

Those are some luscious lips on Miss Pearl. She's so cute.

Hulse Fam said...

i totally put my babies on their tummies...and I sleep through the night...just sayin... :)

Jodi said...

I love all of the bowls- and I love THOSE bowls from IKEA. I bet you I wash up 12 of those suckers every day. I am sure you probably do way more than that!

Svetlana and Scott said...

Ice cream maker, Tyler in tights, wet carpet and walking on water... what could be more interesting? Love it!
Our son is rolling himself back and forth from back to tummy all night long, I'm not going to baby sit him all night... and neither do you when your little one will start doing that. She is very sweet on that picture.