Monday, August 2, 2010

Foot's Day

Yep, it is June's Bear's birthday again. He turned four, although all day she thought he was five until I checked the blog and told her he was three last year. She reluctantly agreed that he must be four then. So Foot actually lost a year today. He is aging backwards. I must learn his secret.

We did the cake and candle. (And yes, June has been stealing Daisy's Baby's clothes to outfit Foot.)

Last year we got Foot a gift for himself, but this year, we got him something he could do with June. Look how sweet she is helping him open it.

Okay, so we bought ourselves a game, but to be fair, we did play it with June and she did kick our trash. It is a good thing that I am an okay loser, because from here on out I think it is going to be a regular occurrence.

On the plus side, there is now another Cazier who could take the win. We play often with neighbors and we all know the next best thing to winning is at least having someone in your family win.

Happy birthday Foot. Thanks for making June so happy.


Jodi said...

Oh Foot and Little Bear will always be close to our hearts :)

Deanne said...

A very happy birthday to Foot!