Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Now You See It, Now You Don't



Robyn had a to get some dental work done, and they decided that while they were messing around in her mouth, they would just pull that front baby tooth. They have hopes this will make the adult tooth grow in faster and help with spacing in the front of her mouth. (Possibly avoiding the braces that her sister will be getting in December. Can anyone else hear the sound of my pockets on fire?)

The Dentist was pretty cool about the pull. They even gave her a mini chest to transport the tooth.

Robyn is positive that the tooth fairy is going to LOVE the chest so she left it with the tooth, in high hopes that she will be rewarded monetarily for her generosity.

Robyn is only six and this is not the first time she has had to endure painful procedures at the dentist. (I don't like reminding myself of the root canal she already had.) She is such a trooper. (Much more so than her mother who sends Dad every time because she doesn't want to watch her little one in pain.) Robyn, I think you are a superhero, with a cute smile. Even when your lips are still numb.

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Deanne said...

Way to be brave, Robyn!