Friday, August 6, 2010

Keep On Keeping On

The pictures are stacking up on the computer, and the blog posts are stacking up in my head. You know what that means...Hodge Podge.

Daisy is thinking that she is done napping. I am thinking that I can't quite handle a day where there isn't some free time without chasing a toddler. However, putting her in nap time is hazardous when she doesn't sleep. Yesterday, she took multiple things out of June's drawers, ripped pages out of one of my favorite books, and never actually fell asleep. The day before, she did take a nap but only after pulling ALL of her clothes out of her dresser. But it gave me a good excuse to pull out the two year clothes box and reorganize her drawers.

Daisy goes from being very needy and clinging to my side, to wandering off by herself to get into loads of trouble. I can't decide which is more annoying. I love that she can entertain herself (although I wish it weren't with a roll of toilet paper), and I love that she wants to hang with Mom. I try to make sure that I get some quality time with her. Today, we took pictures together.

Pearl is rolling and scootching. She pushes so hard with her little strong legs that she scootches up a notch on the floor. She does this over and over until she runs her head into something. In this picture, she started on the blanket, but scootched her way over by the chair and if I hadn't stopped her, she was headed for the piano bench, head first.

I had some coupons for Classic Skating that I thought we should use up. Although I didn't realize it was the skating place until I called. See, on Wednesdays, they set up all these bouncing toys in the middle of the rink and people jump in the middle, while others can skate around. It is two dollars a child for an hour, and since I had two coupons, it was only 2 bucks for my four to go romp for an hour. (Daisy was free being three and under.) I sat on the sidelines, Pearl slept, and the girls jumped til they were sweaty and tired. It was a fabulous hour and I was so proud of the girls. They were courteous to those around them, they helped Daisy climb the hard stuff, and they played so well. It was one of those proud mommy moments for me. I really love my girls.

Today I had the great idea to build a fort because I have been cleaning the house all week. (So naturally, it is time to destroy all my hard work.) June asked what a fort was. Yep, I am a terrible mother. So, we built one.

Complete with dog house in the back.

Then I let them use dishes and blankets from all over the house. I am sure that I will be cursing myself later when I am looking for a spoon, but for right now they are entertaining themselves nicely.

Love, love, love these girls.


Desmama said...

Such cute pictures. Such cute GIRLS!

meganmushrat said...

I really appreciate you sharing your family with us via blogging. It makes me feel like I'm in touch with my grandchildren. By the way, have Pearl's eyes turned brown yet, or do they still have some blue in them?

Deanne said...

If you're ever cursing yourself for undoing your hard work, just take a look at that last photo. That is pure joy for sure!

Shawn, Ashlee and Addison said...

I love, love, love that last picture! What a precious moment!