Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Stuff

I think you've already heard about the New Year. (People can't keep anything a secret now days.)

But have you heard about the new do? Not mine. But one certain Daisy has been anxious to shed her locks, donate them, and take on a new persona. I told her that although her hair was getting long, it wasn't quite long enough to donate unless she planned to have short hair. She was okay with that. In fact, she wanted her hair just under her ears. Somehow when she sleeps, her hair rats right under her neck, so I have taken to braiding her hair at night and that helps, but whenever we forget, we have to do an epic brushing session, enjoyed by neither of us. Daisy was sure that cutting it short would help.

This is her before we left. I'm not sure if it really portrays her accurately. Daisy's hair is very straight. I had just taken it out of small braids (hence the waves) and this is not how she normally looks. But you need a before picture.

Daisy was very excited and brave.

They took a lot of her hair.

Looking good little monkey.

She LOVES her hair short, and she predicted correctly; no more snarls in the morning. That makes both Mom and Daisy very happy. And she is just as cute as a button.

One more new thing. A phone. My phone. Mentioned earlier was the unfortunate collision of phone with bathroom floor. Like I said....the phone still worked, but the glass shards were annoying. Tyler was sure he could fix the screen. He watched many tutorials and bought all the right equipment.

Apparently, as viewed in tutorials, it is easier to take screens off if they have minor cracks and not a mosaic of glass pieces. He did manage to get it all off.

However, once under that first layer, it was clear to see that the digitizer was just as damaged, and a new screen wasn't going to solve the problem.

So...new phone. And notice the lovely protection coating it now sports. Just in case the bathroom floor gets feisty again.


Aubry Macbean said...

I love Daisy's hair. She looks so grown up.

meganmushrat said...

Daisy looks stunning with her new haircut! We can hardly wait to see her again in March.

Jenaca and Stephen said...

OMg i am dying over daisy's hair. It is sooooo cute. She is a doll!

¡Vieve! said...

Oh my heck, I am dying over how cute her hair looks now! And I like the new phone - very nice!