Friday, January 10, 2014

The Other Half of Christmas

My parents were already with us for Christmas, but Ty's parents (Barry and Vicki) have made it a point the last couple years to come down and see us on Christmas day. It is always a great time and we love having them visit. We switched rooms to Carnegie Hall and the other tree for more gift opening.

I love that the Grandpas were loving on the dogs.

The kids really love having family visit. It is probably because we are so far away from everyone.

Tyler captured some great expressions. Here is Robyn receiving season tickets to the a Youth Theater.

And June was pretty excited about Battleship. (Which reminds me that I still need to beat her at it.)

The girls got some practical things like socks (they all needed them) and underwear. Robyn and I gave it the good superhero test. Seems to be a winner. (The underwear...not us.)

There was some forehead writing, as is to be expected. But Robyn feels it is better to give than to receive. She got Grandpa. (Ha ha. Love that she spelled it bErry.)

She got Grandma.

And even Aunt Miranda. (Name that songwriter.)

One of the coolest gifts was a cupholder that Grandma made for us. I'm not sure if I will ever have 25 people over at the same time who need to keep their cups distinguished from one another, but if I do...I am covered. In the meantime, the girls just like to move their cups around to different spots.

Each cup pocket has a different picture, and they are all so fabulous and original from the artist. (Grandma.) Here are just a few of the details I love.

I naturally put my cup in the queen spot. (It must be done.)

Wonderful Christmas. Pearl still is talking about Christmas Eve. I always feel bad when they have no idea how long they will have to wait for it to roll around again. Luckily, her birthday is just around the corner.

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meganmushrat said...

It was really a lot of fun. It's a pity we can't come every year - but maybe in the future you can come celebrate with us when we're lingering in a nursing home somewhere! And isn't Vicki talented!!! I wish I could draw like that.