Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vintage Stallion

Tyler actually forgot how old he was turning this year, and when the kids reminded him he was 36, he was pleasantly surprised to have a year back that he almost skipped over. Nothing like gaining a year of life instantaneously.

His birthday fell on the holiday this year, so you would think he would have it off from work. Nope. But that makes it all the easier to take things to his work and embarrass him. (Whatever, it is really hard to embarrass Tyler. He likes almost all attention, negative or otherwise.)

He was actually up quite early to get to work. He always looks so good in the morning. (Balloon compliments of June.)

 Most of the kiddos managed to get up to see him out the door. They had made quite a few cards for him the day before. The mantel was covered.

There were sweet cards and a few funny ones.

(Outside) When this magical birthday card is opened, the fairy of youth flies out, and makes you look ten years younger. (Inside) Kinda makes you wish I hadn't opened it first in the store, huh?

At a more reasonable hour, the girls and I joined him at work. We made up some questions about Tyler so everyone could get to know him better. We put them in balloons and then coworkers (and the kids) popped them in turn. If the individual answered the question correctly, they were thrown a Twix. If not, someone else could steal the question and candy. It was a lot of fun.

I made Tyler a cake this year. If he asks for cake, it is always the same kind: German Chocolate. I try to mix it up and try new recipes. This year, I made everything from scratch. The frosting was A. MAZE. ING. The cake was the perfect compliment, but I felt rather deceived by the instructions. I was told to dust the baking pans with cocoa instead of flour to give it a nice color, but the cake layers stuck in the pans. I managed to piece it all together to make it presentable. And I can honestly say it is one of the best German Chocolate cakes I have ever had.

In the evening, Tyler came home and he made the most stupendous kebabs. (Funny, he didn't seem to mind cooking on his birthday.) So delicious. Pearl was having anxiety because she just wanted Tyler to open his presents. She had waited patiently all day. We got him some art supplies, because he has been drawing more. One of these days I need to put some sketches on here.

Pearl was also the one who put candles on the cake. I think she was planning to load that thing up, but she was only at 11 when I caught her. Hence why they are all in a nice grouping. I'm sure they are easier to blow out that way.

Finally, Ivory very generously offered to let Dad pull out her tooth. (Her own special gift to him.)

But the darn thing wasn't quite ready. (She pulled it out herself the next day at recess.)

And so another month of January birthdays are used up. I think Tyler and I feel that each birthday gets sweeter with all these girls who love on us. Happy Birthday Stallion!


¡Vieve! said...

I gasped so loudly when I saw that picture! Happy birthday Tyler, looks like it was fabulous.

meganmushrat said...

I feel so honored that my birthday card got highlighted on your blog! Looks like it was a pretty special birthday. Hope there are many more!

Sharona said...

I cannot believe how young you guys are!!!! Ugh, I'm SOOOO O.L.D.