Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dance Revolution

The annual dance festival was today. (See how the last of school week is funner.) Tyler was nice to set up chairs for us to save seats and this year we had a front row view. It was super sunny and Pearl was tired before it even started. She just curled up in her chair.

And most of the time I was shading her with my enormous sunhat, so she did just fine.

I am really there to see one kid. There she is.

I caught her with her friends from class. I really love all these girls.

It was fun to watch the other grades perform as well. Second grade did a minion dance. Check out Gru in the background.

I'm sure you have no idea what song kids could be singing about a fox. It's an ancient mystery. But they did a really cute job.

This one had me stumped for a while. At first I was thinking they were going to perform a song about how there has been construction at the school for two years.

Then I was thinking Bob the Builder, but that seemed a little young for fourth grade. Finally got it. The Lego Movie. Haven't seen it yet, but it is on our summer list.

And then my kid. Here she is ready to go.

They danced to I'm on Top of the World by Imagine Dragons. If you haven't heard it, go listen now. And if you want an extra bonus challenge, see if you can find seven cameos from the cast of Studio C. At least, I've only found seven so far...

I did take a video, but I don't put them on here. Grandma's...if you are dying to see it, I'll send it to you. Happy three days of school left. (Who's counting?)


meganmushrat said...

That is one of the weirdest music videos I have ever seen. When I think of "I'm on the top of the world" I immediately hear the Carpenters' version in my head. I'm sure June did justice to the tune.

¡Vieve! said...

That looks like so much fun! And those songs are all good, and so great to dance to. I'm glad you had a good time.